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Adam Thorn Biography


Adam Thorn Age, Birthday

 Adam is 32 years old. He was born on July 21, 1989, in Perth, Australia and celebrates his birthday in July each year. His zodiac sign is Cancer.

Adam Thorn Wife

Is he Married? No, the Kings of Pain star is presumably Single and does not have an MRS Thorn Currently. He has managed to lead a rather private life that is hidden and locked away from his celebrity status. There are no online publications linking him Romanticvally to anyone. We can therefore not confirm if Adam is Married, Single, In a Relationship or Divorced.

Adam Thorn Education

Adam graduated from high school with good grades and got his Diploma. Hereafter, he joined college and for the next 4 years or so studied to become a Biologist. His endeavours and expertise on Kings of Pain are ones that reflect his high level of professionalism and knowledge. Adam has however not revealed any information pertaining to his exact level of academic excellence or which academic institutions he attended. He maybe holds a Bachelors Degree in Biology or any other field that is yet to be established.

Adam Thorn Parents,  Siblings

Adam was born and raised in a Humble home in Perth, Australia. He had a normal childhood growing up and loved to play and watch Tv. His parents worked tirelessly to ensure their kids had the best they could afford in Life and Adam never complained. However little is known about his mother, father and Siblings.

Adam Thorn Height, Weight

Adam stands at an estimated height of 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighs around 70 kg.

Adam Thorn Kings Of Pain

Thorn is best known as the Host of Kings of Pain. He is also the CEO of Biothorn PTY LTD an organization that provides zoological services like environmental consultation, Fauna Surveying and Fauna Relocation. His company was founded in 2010. Adam strives to ensure sustainable development and urban expansion in Australia, especially in the city of Perth through his Organization.

On Kings of pain which is his second Television Show Adam, serves as a wildlife biologist who has is obsessed with animals,]. He works daily as a field Zoologist and studies animals throughout the Field.

He is a certified Venom Expert, Snake Handler and Teacher who has been handling dangerous animals all his life and has a tone of experience. Throughout his career, Adam has survived many Brushes with Death including being nearly strangled to death by a reticulated python, being hunted by Asiatic lions and being chased by elephants up a tree.

On countless occasions, he has both been Bitten and Stung by many animals but it is his resilience that keeps him going.

Adam Thorn Wikipedia

Adam and his Co-Host Caveman both work hard to ensure that they create a real scientific pain index that goes beyond anecdotal evidence. His fondness for animals has seen him become the host of the wildlife docuseries titled ‘Adam Thorn Presents., a 2010Docu-series that chronicles the journey of the wildlife biologist to several places around the world in search of elusive animals.

Adam Thorn Salary

Thorn earns an estimated $10,000 per episode. However exact figures are hard to come by and w have to settle for estimates.

Adam Thorn Net Worth

Thorn has an estimated Net Worth of around  $3m. His career as a wildlife biologist, Sanke Handler, Reality Tv Star, Adventurer and Television Host is his primary source of income.

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