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 Alan Dale Smith Biography


REAL NAME  Alan Dale Smith


Here is all you need to know about Alan Dale Smith Bio-Wiki, Age, Birthday, Height, Wife, Parents, Children, Wikipedia, Instagram, Net Worth and Twitter.

Alan Dale Smith Age, Birthday

Dale is in his 60‘s 70‘s or 80‘s. It is not known what his exact age, birth date, birthday and Zodiac Sign Are.

Alan Dale Smith Wife

Alan is presumably married. He has been arrested twice in connection to the Murder of Douglas Smith’s Wife Beverly. He has remained rather tight-lipped regarding his romantic life. It is not known if he is married, Single, in a Relationship or Divorced. In case of any developments in the Romantic aspect of his life, we will be sure to update You.

Alan Dale Smith Education

Dale Smith was very much qualified to work in a general Motors in Oshawa. He has revealed very little information about his academic qualifications and which academic institutes he attended be it Highschool or College.

Alan Dale Smith Parents, Siblings

Dal was born and raised in a Canadian Family. He has revealed very little information regarding his mother, father and Siblings.


Alan Dale Smith Height, Weight

Dale in his prime stood at an estimated height of 5 feet 10 inches tall. His weight is unavailable.

HEIGHT 5 Feet 10 Inches Tall
HAIR Golden
EYES Black

Alan Dale Smith and Beverly Smith Wikipedia

Alan has been a very Crucial Figure in the Murder of Beverly Lynn Smith. Beverly lived right across Beverly and Doug’s home and has been the subject of a contentious police investigation after a polygraph test raised suspicions. He has twice been arrested and Set on Trial about the Issue.

It is alleged that Police Tricked him into confessing about Killing Beverly.

In early 2009 Alan got a knock on his door and was asked to answer a few survey questions i exchange for being entered into sweepstakes with several potential prizes that included an all-expenses-paid ice-fishing trip on Lake Simcoe. He entered the contest rather excited not knowing that it was a Durham police Plot to Nurb him.

One officer whose name is under a publication ban had moved into Alan’s neighbourhood in Cobourg and had helped set up the entire Deception. He got a call a few days later letting him know he’d won the ice-fishing trip however the officer who called him hanged up over the call when a sudden announcement was made over the intercom.

A van that was driven by an undercover officer, and its passengers three other cops picked up Alan in early February and was taken to Lake Simcoe. One officer had a conversation with him and introduced himself a carpet cleaner. Alan had quit drinking for the sake of his grandchildren and spent the whole day Smoking weed as the officers drank beer.

They went on to exchange Numbers and plans to go fishing again. After a  few weeks of meeting up and having fans Alan and the Police officer had become best of friends. After a while when he couldn’t get a confession the Police officer decided to take the Sting to the next level.

Skinner realized he needed to step up the sting, and he soon had Alan involved in other crimes. He’d pick Alan up, load the truck with all their fishing gear, and then tell him they weren’t going fishing, but instead dealing drugs. It was all made up, with more undercover cops playing the purchasers. Skinner, on the other hand, would compensate Alan for his time with actual money, a couple hundred dollars.

It was this and many other gruesome tricks that got Alan to falsely confess to Killing Beverly nearly 35 years ago. They arrested Allan and Accused him of Murder but he was released and yet again arrested in 2014.

Alan Dale Smith Net Worth

His net worth is unavailable.

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