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Alexis Linkletter Biography

Alexis Linkletter is an American true-crime documentary producer and investigative journalist. She is well known for Unraveled: The Long Island Serial Killer (2021), Unraveled (2020) Talking Evil (2021), and her most recent work Unraveled: Once a Killer.

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Alexis Linkletter Age, Birthday

Linkletter is in her 30’s. She was born and raised in New York. It is not known when she celebrates her birthday and her Zodiac sign is also a mystery.

Alexis Linkletter Husband

Linkletter is not Married. She is currently single and mainly focuses on her career. She has kept information regarding her previous relationships very private. In case of any development in her romantic aspect of life, we will be sure to update you.

Alexis Linkletter Education

She graduated from college successfully. However, it is not known which University or college she went to. Nevertheless, we can all agree that she is more than qualified in her field of work based on her work.

Alexis LinkletterAlexis Linkletter Parents and Family

Alexis was born in New York but raised on Long Island by her loving parents. She comes from a family that has long rocked the pillars of Hollywood. Her grandfather Arthur Gordon Linkletter was the host of an NBC radio and television for 19 years known as People Are Funny.

He was Canadian Born bu became an Us Citizen later in his Life.

Alexis Linkletter Height, Weight

She is 5 feet 8 inches tall.(EST)

Alexis Linkletter And Billy Jensen

Linkletter is the writer, producer, and co-host of The First Degree, podcast. She Co-hosts the podcast alongside co-hosts Jac Vanek and Billy Jensen. Their podcast tells the tale of a crime from the vantage point of either the proprietor, Victim, or someone closely connected to the Crime.

Ultimately Diverse the crew may one week cover a profile of a notorious case—anything from Jonestown to Ted Bundy—from a perspective, no one has ever heard before and the next to uncover small-town stories that few people have heard anything about.

Some of the people to appear on their show include the son of cult leader Jim Jones and Lorena Bobbitt and the daughter of serial killer BTK. They have covered over 100 stories and are still going.

Alexis Linkletter Wikipedia

According to the Bio, Alexis has a lot of stories to tell running around her head between producing, the podcasts, and the documentary specials. She has remained friends with a number of people who have appeared on her podcast and had never received any negative feedback from them.

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