Amarinder and Shoba

Who are Amarinder and Shoba? Hunted Bio-Wiki, Personal Life, Wikipedia, Net Worth

Amarinder and Shoba Biography


Amarinder and Shoba Age, Birthday

Amarinder is 34 years old while his mother is 52 years old. The mother and Son Duo have not revealed anything surrounding their date of birth, birthday and Zodiac Sign.

Amarinder Hunted 2022 Wife

Amarinder is presumably single and not married. There is no online publication available linking him romantically to anyone.

Shoba Hunted 2022 Husband

Shoba has been happily married to her husband for the past 4 decades. She has shared little about her marriage but her interviews reveal that she loves her husband and the father of her children. She met her husband over 40 years ago and after a  couple of dates, tha led to an engagement the two were finally married and have been together ever since.

Amarinder and Shoba Wikipedia

Shoba was born and raised in a traditional Indian household and had an arranged marriage at just eighteen. For most of her life, she had devoted herself to her 4 children, which includes her youngest son whom she appears with on Hunted. She  is a civil servant, working as an admin officer.

Her son is a Mummy Boy or so he loves to call himself. The duo do everything together since when he was a young man. They exercise together, go shopping together, and are particularly attentive to their grooming behaviour. They contuinued to dye their hair, thread their brows and dress well even after lockdown.

After he had joined University He moved out and bough a house with his older brother but had to move back in because he missed his mom. He was in the University for 8 years and holds two degrees in Dentistry (5 years) and Biomedical Sciences (3 years). He gained both of his degrees at Kings College London. It wasn’t until 2018 that he became a dentist . He also performs Botox and fillers every Monday for people in Essex.

Shoba was raised in a conservative Indian family. She assisted her mother with all of the cooking and cleaning as the eldest daughter. Her marriage was arranged for her when she was just 18 years old, and she only met her husband a few times before the wedding at her parents’ residence.

Shoba has spent the last 40 years as a wife and mother, but with Amarinder’s encouragement, she has begun to branch out and share housekeeping with her husband.

Amarinder and Shoba Net Worth

The mother and son Duo have a combined net worth of around €500k. This includes all their assets, businesses and other sources of income.

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The Duo do not have any verified Social Media accounts be it Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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