Andre Bamberski

Who is Andre Bamberski? Kalinka Bamberski Bio-Wiki, Age, Birthday, Net Worth, Wikipedia, NetFlix

Who is Andre Bamberski?


Andre Had hired kidnappers to Kidnap Dr Dieter Krombach, the cardiologist who was responsible for his daughter’s death from his Home in Lindau Germany. Dr Krombach who was also Kalinka step father had been tried and convicted in absentia in 1995 for the manslaughter of 14-year-old Kalinka in a Paris Court. He had however not served even a single day because German authorities refused to extradite him and he had remained in Germany all throughout the Trial.

Andre Bamberski Age, Birthday

Andre is 84 years old as of 2022. Born in 1938 in France to Polish Immigrant parents he has not revealed any information regarding his exact date of birth and birthday.

Andre Bamberski Wife

Andre was happily married to Danièle Gonnin and the Couple had two Children Together. At the time of their Children’s Birth and early stages of their marriage, the couple lived in Casablanca, Morocco where Andre worked as an accountant. Daniele had an affair with Dr Dieter Krombach who was at the time married to his second wife. The new love birds eventually left their partners and got married in 1977. Andre and Daniele’s two kids eventually moved in with the couple.

Andre Bamberski Children

Boberski and his Wife Daniele Gonnin had two Children Together. In 1967 the couple had their firstborn Child a daughter named  Kalinka Bamberski. Kalinka would eventually be killed by Daniele’s second husband. They have one Surviving Child a son Nicolas Bambersk.

Where is Andre Bamberski Today?

Andre was most recently featured on the True Crime Film on Netflix My Daughters Killer. The Docu-Film focuses on Andre his daughter and his family and what happened thirty years after his daughter’s death. Andre currently lives a peaceful life and is enjoying his old age having put his daughter’s killer to justice. He prefers to lead a private life and not much is known about his personal life today.

Andre Bamberski Nationality, Ethnicity

Andre is a French national with Polish Roots. He was born to Polish Immigrant parents in France.

Andre Bamberski Job

Andre worked as an accountant.

Andre Bamberski Wikipedia

Andre is well known as the father of Kalinka Bamberski. His daughter had mysteriously died in 1982 and had suspicious circumstances. He knew that Dr Dieter Krombach had died in suspicious circumstances.

Andre Hired Kidnappers to kidnap Dr Dieter Krombach from his home in Germany and dump him in Mulhouse is in the Alsace region of eastern France. After tracing the call Police realized it was Andre who had tipped the Police and kidnapped Krombach. Bamberski did not deny his involvement but emphasized that he was not involved in the actual kidnapping. He was aware of the plot and fully supported its goals, but insisted he had not ordered the crime.

The police discovered a bag containing €19,000 in his hotel room, which was the amount set for his bail. It was the beginning of the end of a 27-year nightmare for Bamberski, which began with a phone call on a cloudless summer morning.

Andre Bamberski Net Worth

Andre has an estimated net worth of $1 Millin or More.

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