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Who was Angelo Buono Jr? Hillside Stranglers

Angelo Buono Jr was an American Serial Killer, rapist and Kidnapper who is well known as one-half of the notorious Hillside Stranglers. Angelo and his adopted Cousin Kenneth Bianchi, terrorized Los Angeles, California, between October 1977 and February 1978 and were later convicted for the 190 Murders.

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Angelo Buono was born in Rochester, New York, on October 5, 1934, to first-generation Italian emigrants from San Buono. Buono had a lengthy criminal record, including failure to pay child support, grand theft auto, assault, and rape. Buono met his adopted cousin, Kenneth Bianchi, in 1975, when he was 41 years old. Buono, a self-proclaimed “ladies man,” persuaded Bianchi to join him in pimping out two women he had held as virtual prisoners.

Angelo Buono Age, Birthday, How Old is He?

Buono Jr was 67 years old when he sadly passed away in 2002. Born on October 5, 1934, in Rochester, New York, United States he would have celebrated his 85th birthday on October 5 2022. His zodiac sign was Libra.

Angelo Buono Wife Candy Kizuka

Buono Jr was happily married to Christine Kizuka, a supervisor at the California State Employment Development Department and mother of three. Little is known about their marriage and how their love Bloomed.

Angelo Buono Wives, Where are they Today?

Buono Jr has been Married a couple of times, he married his first wife Geraldine Buono and the couple had one child together a son named Michael Lee Buono. He met, fell in love and eventually married his second wife Mary Catherine Castillo with whom he shares 5 Children. He was also romantically involved with Nanette Campina and they had two children together.

Angelo Buono Children, Where Are they Now?

Buono Jr had 11 Children, Eight of who are his biological and three of whom are his step-children from his Marriage to Christine Kizuka. His eldest child is Michael Lee Buono who was born in 1956 and is around 66 years old as of 2022.

His second child is Angelo Anthony Buono who was born in 1956 and is also 66 years old as of 2022. His Third Child is Peter Buono who is 64 years old as of 2022. He had three more children with Mary Catherine Castillo namely Danny Buono, Louis Buono and Grace Buono.

He had two children with his third spouse Nanette Campina namely Tony Buono and Sam Buono. Buono Jr also had three step-children from his third marriage to Christine Kizuka. Little is known about his Step Children.

Who are Angelo Buono Parents and Siblings? What Happened to Them?

Buono Jr is the Son of MrBuono and his Wife Mrs Buono. Both his Mother and Father were First-generation Italian emigrants from San Buono He was raised in a friendly neighbourhood though his parents had to deal with his extensive criminal history. His mother Mrs Buono was a good chef and she prepared wonderful Italian meals for Angelo.

Little is known about his Brothers and Sisters if he has any.

Angelo Buono Mother

Buono was born and raised by his loving mother Mrs Buono. He enjoyed his mother’s meal and was really close to her. However little is known about Buono Jr’s Mother.

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