Who is Ashley Rodriguez (Temptation Island)Bio-Wiki, Age, Birthday, Boyfriend, Parents, Height, Wikipedia, Instagram, Net worth

Ashley Rodriguez Biography


Ashley Rodriguez Age, Birthday

Ashley is 26 years old as of 2022 and was born in Queens, in the state of New York. However, when she was born and her zodiac sign have not been revealed.

Ashley Rodriguez Boyfriend

Ashley is dating her boyfriend Lascelles Lagares. He is a model and a fitness trainer. The two have been in a relationship for seven years and are still going. They seem to be enjoying each other’s company as many times they are usually together.

The couple will be in the show Temptation Island and their relationship will be put to test.

Ashley RodriguezAshley Rodriguez Temptation Island-Wikipedia

The show involves couples that are set with singles that are set to split the couple up. The couples will be exposed to singles of the opposite sex and they may have to leave their relationship to settle in another. Ashley and Lascelles are among the ones that are set to be in the show and put their relationship on the line.

This is where they will know how their relationship is and also see the relationships that will survive. The show started in 2019 and was then aired on Fox. At that time it attracted a large number of fans. However, the show’s rating started to go down the moment seasons 2 and 3 were released.

Ashley Rodriguez Height, Weight

She is estimated to stand at 5 feet 7 inches tall. (EST)

Ashley Rodriguez Net Worth

Details about her net worth are not known.

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