Aunt Virginia Kerley

Who is Fred Kerley Aunt Virginia Kerley? Bio-Wiki, Age, Birthday, Net Worth, Wikipedia, Instagarm and Twitter

Who is Virginia Kerley?


Kerley was born to parents icky and Virginia Kerley but he describes his parents as mostly absent and at least one of them was always in trouble with the law. Both he and his three siblings were both adopted and raised by their Aunt Virginia at a very young age.

He credits his recent success to his aunt Virginia who worked really hard to ensure that she put food on the table. He says that Without her, he probably wouldn’t be here right now. He definitely wouldn’t be a world-class athlete, and who knows where he might have ended up in life.

Aunt Virginia Age, Birthday

Virginia Kerley is 66 years old as of 2022. She has not revealed any information regarding her exact date of birth, birthday and Zodiac Sign.

Virginia Kerley Husband, Is She Married?

Despite being the aunt of popular Athlete Fred Kerley not much is known about Virginia or her personal life. No online publication has linked her to anyone romantically as of 2022. we can therefore not confirm if she was married, Single or Divorced.

Virginia Kerley Children

Virginia has raised and adopted 13 Children including American International Athlete Fred Kerley and his four Siblings. Not much is known about her children especially their names, ages and current whereabouts.

Where is Aunt Virginia Right Now? What Happened to Her?

Virginia Kerley is 66 years old and still lives in San Antonio. She lives a modest and silent life as she supports her nephew who has now enjoyed immense success as an athlete. Her nephew never shies from praising her and her hard work. in 2022 when he won Gold in the world Championships he showered her with praise saying :


“She sacrificed her life for me and my brothers and sisters and cousins. We all got adopted, there were 13 of us and 26 of us in the household.

“We had one bedroom, it was 13 of us in one bedroom, we were on a palette, and at the end of the day it was like in every other house, we all had fun, we enjoyed ourselves, and we’re doing great things right now.”

Virginia Kerley Wikipedia

Virginia is well known as the Aunt of American Sprinter Fred.  She swayed American hearts after he nephew confessed how a dedicated mother and aunt she was. She raised 13 children in a single household that had 26 people. They lived in a One-bedroom apartment.

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