Who is Benedict Polizzi? “FBoy Island”, Bio-Wiki, Age, Birthday, Parents, Girlfriend, Nationality, Net Worth, Wikipedia

Who is Benedict Polizzi?

Benedict Polizzi is an American Comedian and reality TV star who is set to appear in the upcoming TV dating series “FBoy Island Season 2,” which is set to premiere on July 14, 2022. The dating series will feature three females, model Louise Barnard, 25-year-old from Mich.; dental student Mia Emani Jones, 26-year-old from Tampa; and account executive Tamaris Sepulveda, 29-year-old from New York as well as 26 males.

Benedict Polizzi Age, Birthday

He is 31 years old at the moment though he will be turning 32 years on October 27th, 2022. Benedict was born in Hillsdale, Michigan on October 27, 1990. His zodiac sign is Scorpio.

Benedict Polizzi Girlfriend

Polizzi is currently single and ready to mingle. He linked to the show to fall in love with a lady who has great eyebrows and gets a tan while doing it.

Benedict Polizzi Education

Upon completing high school, Benedict went off and graduated from the University of Indianapolis, where he earned his bachelor’s degree.

Benedict Polizzi Parents

He spent most of his childhood and teen years with his devoted parents in Hillsdale, Michigan though he now resides in Indianapolis, IN. Benedict’s family itself is close-knit. He is the son of Joe Polizzi(dad) and Amy Polizzi(mom). His oldest daughter, Toni, graduated in 2007 and the other daughter, Annemarie, is now a senior and first-year graduate student in the occupational therapy program.

Benedict Polizzi Height and Weight

Polizzi has an approximate height of 5 feet 10 inches and weighs around 79kg.

Benedict Polizzi Nationality/Ethnicity

The comedian is an American by birth and holds unknown Ethnicity. 

Benedict Polizzi Wikipedia

He hails from Hillsdale, Michigan though resides in Indianapolis, IN. Despite being a reality Tv star, Benedict is a popular social media star and content creator who is known best for his TikTok account (benedictpolizzi) where he posts comedy videos, often about the differences between girls and boys. He loves eating rotisserie chicken in his car and biting his nails.

Benedict Polizzi “FBoy Island”

Polizzi is one of the contestants in the famous television series “FBoy Island Season 2,” which is set to air on July 14, 2022. The dating series “FBoy Island Season 2,” will feature three ladies, Louise Barnard 25-year-old, a model from Mich.;  Mia Emani Jones, a 26-year-old, dental student from Tampa; and Tamaris Sepulveda, 29-year-old, an account executive from New York as well as 26 guys.

With the assistance of the hilarious host, Nikki Glaser, three single ladies will hit the beach to try finding love—deciding which of the 26 males are self-proclaimed “Nice Guys,” and which are, indeed, “F Boys.” While looking for love seems nice and all, there’s no doubt that every contestant has their eyes on the prize: $100,000 in cash.

These are the twenty-four houseguests in FBoy Island‘s first season: Asante Tait, 27, Braydon Elgar, 22, Danny Louise, 31 years old, AC Long, 28, Benoît Polizzi, 31 years old, Carlos Lopez, 30 years old, Ja Briane Ross, 28, Ilon Hao, 30 years old, Dewayne Rogers, 26, among others.

Benedict Polizzi Networth

Polizzi has an approximated net worth of around $1 million and above.

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