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BENJI HILL Biography



HILL is happily married to his better half, Erin. Detail on when the two met and married is not recorded. BENJI and his wife are the proud parents of a beautiful daughter, Zoe. His family is the backbone of his life and encourages him to always be himself, pursue his dreams, and stay wild and free.

BENJI HILL Education

James is a learned and intelligent young person. He graduated from the high school level in his hometown and earned good grades. Then he proceeded and graduated from MSU-Bozeman in Exercise and Wellness.

BENJI HILL Parents, Siblings

HILL was born and grew up in San Diego, California, the U.S. He looked up to his dedicated father and adored his loving mother. He was brought up alongside his brother. Benjamen has not opened up about his dad, mom, and siblings’ names and details.

BENJI HILL Height and Weight

Chang stands at an estimated height of 6 feet 0 inches tall and weighs around 86 kg.

BENJI HILL Nationality/Ethnicity

HILL nationality is American and holds white ethnicity.

Benji Hill Wikipedia

Benji consumed 19 years of physical fitness and instructed health at the local gym. During those years he developed an interest in lifting big iron. He relentlessly pursued powerlifting, going from local, to state, to national levels, and finally attaining a spot at the World Championships in 2003 in Calgary, AB. An underdog at 220 pounds, Benji acquired the World Championships for the USA.

Hill then departed from the weight lifting competition and established himself as one of the premier private trainers in the Sun Valley area and beyond, serving as a ski coach and various other part-time jobs. He also guided big game hunts. and taught wilderness skills to kids in the summer.

Currently, a Bellevue resident, Benjamin is a hunting guide and pack goat guide, moreover to teaching wilderness survival skills, and overall lover of the outdoors, nature, primitive skills, and living wild. He also possesses and operates a pack goat firm.

BENJI HILL Alone, Season 9

HILL is one of the 10 new contestants who’ll compete to win $500,000 as they try their best to survive in the bitter wilderness of the Northeast shores of Labrador, Canada – a location is a habitat for the polar bear, among several other apex predators. History says that the survivalists were equipped with “10 survival tools and dropped off in “undisclosed, remote locations” with enough camera gear to self-document their experiences.”

“The most intense survival series on television, Alone, will premier for season 9 on Thursday, May 26 at 9/8c,”.

Ten Items BENJI selected to bring on his ‘Alone’ journey:

Sleeping bag, Bow, and arrows, Multitool, 2-quart pot, Ferro rod, Ax, Salt, Paracord, Trapping wire, Fishing line, and hooks.


HILL’s salary is estimated to be around 125 K yearly. Furthermore, the accurate amount of salary adventure guide earns will soon be out.


HILL’s net worth is estimated at around $ 2 million and above. Nevertheless, his occupation as a Hunting and Packgoat Guide is the main source of revenue.

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