Best Streaming Services of 2022

Best Streaming Services of 2022



Netflix does not need any introductions. This streaming site is definitely one of the most popular ones. Netflix is currently ruling the streaming industry and of course, it deserves to because this OTT platform offers a wide variety of content with the most anticipated and must-watch series.

Netflix is not only popular because of the large TV content that it offers, but also its amazing originals. Every year it releases some of the best content, which gains massive popularity among all the viewers. To name a few, series like Stranger Things, Ozark, and Bridgerton have really up the game for this OTT.

You can trust Netflix to provide you with new shows and movies each week. Around 70 new original movies were released on this platform in 2021 along, which is obviously saying something about it. The best thing is probably the diversity and variety that you get. It caters to different tastes and ages including nations as well. you can find foreign content from all over the world and that too in different categories.

The price point is also very reasonable, given the perks you get. The basic subscription for a month starts at ten bucks and the standard plan requires you to pay $15.5 for a month. This plan includes HD and two streams at the same time.

Disney Plus

Disney Plus has recently started catching the eyes of many viewers. It comes quite close to Netflix in terms of quality content. This OTT platform has successfully been becoming most of the people’s go-to options since its launch in 2019. And impressively it has reached the count of 130 million subscribers. Why wouldn’t it? After all, it is the place where you can find all your favorite childhood Disney shows and movies including the amazing content of Pixar, Star Wars, and Marvel.

You can catch The Simpsons, Loki, Turning Red, The Mandalorian and so many more fantastic shows that it would be pretty difficult for you to press the stop button on your screen. There are plenty of reasons why you should go for this streaming service and this also includes the price point.

Disney Plus is one of the least expensive streaming sites in the market. You only have to pay eight bucks for a month and that is quite affordable, as compared to a lot of other sites available. Also, if you have kids at home, then it is a must-have to get a subscription to this streaming site because we all want our kids to grow up while watching the content that we used to religiously watch back in our childhood.


Hulu offers you a lot of variety and it is perfect for all those people who want to have an experience (more or less) like Netflix but without having to spend a hefty amount on its subscription. The channel lineup of Hulu is one to rave about. You get to watch shows from famous networks like ABC, Fox, and CBS.

In addition to this, you can also find Hulu’s originals which have been garnering quite an attention from every user. One of its most critically acclaimed original series is The Handmaid’s Tale. This show has contributed immensely to the rapidly growing count of subscribers on Hulu.

Coming to the price point, if you are all about saving money then Hulu is the right option for you. The version with ads only requires you to pay $7 for a month, if you wish to have a no-ad plan, then you can pay $13. All in all, it is a pretty good deal, if you ask us.

Summing Up

There you have it. If you are all about streaming content online, then check out the OTT platforms mentioned in this article and we are sure, you are

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