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Who is Bianca Shadai (Million Dollar Hustle)? Bio, Age, Husband, Son, TLC, Wikipedia, Net Worth, Instagram

Bianca Shadai Biography


Bianca Shadai Husband

Bianca is presumably Single.  She is a mother of one.

However, it is not known if she was married, Engaged, or Just Dating her Childs Father.

Bianca Shadai Family, Parents, and Siblings

After Bianca was laid off from her job at Wall Street, she moved to a one-room loft with her mom. However not much is known about her Family, Parents, and Siblings.

Bianca ShadaiBianca Shadai Million Dollar Hustle Wikipedia

Shadai appears alongside her Sponsor Nathalie Nicole Smith on the reality tv show Million Dollar Hustle. Million Dolar Hustle is a Lifetime Original Tv Series that follows Author, entrepreneur self-made millionaire, and Health and Fitness Influencer Stormy and Her group of elite Leaders called the Circle of Bosses and their world of transformational marketing.

Bianca Shadai TLC

Initially, Bianca was reluctant about joining a network marketing company. However,  moving into a one-bedroom apartment with her mom after being laid off from her 7-year career made her consider network Market as a good long-term decision for her future.

She came across “Coach” Stormy Wellington’s page and saw that she was hosting a 30-day weight loss challenge with a cash reward while scrolling on her phone. Bianca saw this as a way to improve her health and saw it as a sign to get her life back in order as she wasn’t feeling the best about her self-image.

After purchasing Iaso® Instant detox Tea, NRG dietary supplement and NutraBurst®liquid multivitamin she got on her social media account to team up with other women and worked on finishing their challenge.

It was the questioning of her success in finances, college Degree that allowed her to Open  New Doors.

She questioned her college degree, her success in finances, and self-reflected, which allowed her to open new doors. After meeting her sponsor, Nathalie Nicole Smith at one of Stormy Wellington’s events she was fully convinced that TLC was the right place.

Bianca and her sponsor immediately connected when she realized they had similarities after listening to her struggles. By March of 2019, she had gone full force as a Life Changer and by February of 2020 had excelled in ranks and achieved the National Director rank.

She wants to give her son with the best quality of life that she can and wants to leave “generational wealth” for him. She came on to realize that changing the outcome of people’s lives and helping people is something she loves.

Her Short Term Goals include ven start reaching more customers on a global scale and reaching more people outside of her home state, New Jersey. She hopes to create a strong team of Life Changers that continue to advance in ranks, and this will help her change more lives.

Bianca Shadai Net Worth

She has an estimated net worth of $1 Million.

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