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Broly Gainz Biography

Broly Gainz whose Real name Zashon Flowers, is an American Fitness Coach and Youtuber. He is well-known for his Youtube Channel that shows simple strength training home workouts and has Over 260k Subs.

REAL NAME Zashon Flowers
AGE 23 Years Old
PLACE OF BIRTH The United States of America
NICKNAME Broly Gainz

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Broly Gainz Age, Birthday

Gainz is believed to be around 23 years old as of 2022. He has however not revealed any information regarding his exact age, date of birth, birthday, and Zodiac Sign.

Broly Gainz Girlfriend

Broly is presumably dating. In the streets, He has gained a rather Funny reputation for spanking Random girls after he lifts them. He has, however, remained tight-lipped on any information regarding his romantic life. It is not known if he has a Girlfriend, is Married, or even Whom he has dated in the Past. In case of any developments in the Romantic aspect of the Youtuber’s Life, we will be sure to update You.

Broly Gainz Education

Broly is a very educated man. He graduated from high school a few years ago. He has not yet revealed if he goes to college or not. He is nevertheless a very qualified fitness coach who has won the hearts of many.

Broly Gainz Parents, Siblings

Gainz was born and raised in the Brooklyn United States of America. His parents are of Jamaican Descent.As a young man on an African-American homestead, Gainz looked up to his hardworking father and adored his loving Mother. He has revealed very little information regarding his parents, siblings, and Family.

It is therefore not known if he has any siblings or not.


Broly Gainz Height and Weight

Broly stands at an estimated height of 6 feet 0 inches tall and weighs around 85 kg.

Zashon Flowers Facts and Body Measurements

HEIGHT 6 feet 0 inches tall(EST)
WEIGHT 85kgs (EST)
HAIR Black


Broly Gainz Wikipedia

Gainz was born and raised in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn by his loving parents. He has been working out for over two years now consistently. His first year was weighted training until he injured himself and then was forced to do Calisthenics.

Wanting to further his fitness journey. He fell in love with Calisthenics and not only did he gain a lot more strength and abilities but he was able to heal himself through Calisthenics. He is a very focused person when it comes to working out and wants to spread the love. Hit him for training.

Broly Gainz Diet

For a healthy and well-structured body, Ant Gainz Does the Following. He follows a rather tight training program with With hundreds of reps, an all-out 35-repetition burnout,pre-exhaust, and multiple drop sets.

However, if you are not eating well the training program will leave you feeling wrecked therefore a proper diet is very essential.

In order to get big muscles make sure every meal and scoop of powder is dialed in and intentional as recommended by Gainz. According to him, you must be eating more calories than you burn. Use a macro calculator, and fearlessly click “Muscle Gainz” under the tab labeled goal.

Broly Gainz Natty or Not|Steroids

Many people have asked whether the American Youtuber Ues Steroids. However, we can confirm that he regularly workouts and his body is natural.

Broly Gainz Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of around $80 k Or more. His career as a youtube is his primary source of income.

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