Frank James

Who is Brooklyn Subway Shooter Frank R. James?Bio, Age, Wife, Youtube, Family, NYC, Net Worth, Philadelphia

Frank James Biography


Frank James Age, Birthday

James is 62 Years Old. It is not known when he celebrates his birthday and Zodiac Sign.

Frank James Height and Weight

James is 5 feet 8 inches tall.

Frank James Family, Parents, and Siblings

Authorities have remained rather silent regarding any personal information about Franks’s Parents and Family.

Frank James’ Wife, Is He Married?

The Brooklyn Subway Shooter is presumably single. It is not known if he is married or not.

Frank James Shooting Wikipedia

James was identified by the NYPD as a person of interest in connection with the Brooklyn subway attack. He had for years shared a string of racist videos on his youtube channel.

He posted hour-long, profanity-laced rants about current events, politics and race using titles such as “SENSIBLE VIOLENCE and DOMESTICATED AVERAGES. Police have offered a $50,000 for any information that may lead to his immediate arrest.

Keys found at the 36th Street subway station in Sunset Park belong to a car that was rented to James and found abandoned five miles from the scene in Brooklyn. The car is a U-Haul truck police reports confirmed.

Currently, the NYPD is examining videos in which James raged against the police, Climate change, Jewish people, Puerto Ricans, and White People. In his videos, he says that the United States was a racist country filled with violence.

‘This nation was born in violence, it’s kept alive by violence or the threat thereof and it’s going to die a violent death. There’s nothing going to stop that,’ James said in a ranting video on YouTube under the name ‘Prophet of Truth88’.

Frank James Youtube

His youtube channel is known as ‘Prophet of Truth88’. It has around 400 Videos as of this writing. In his Lates Youtube Video dated April 11, 2022, James goes to confess that he has been through a lot in his life and has always wanted to watch people Die.


He ranted at the camera and claimed white people look at Black people as slaves and should not mix together in one Vido titled “born in an insane asylum. He says

“I tell the American negro this and I keep telling you the same thing, white people and Black people, as we call ourselves, should not have any contact with each other, ” he said.

“You still refuse to understand this, you want to make up some f***ing story about Jesus and the Bible said dumb sh*t

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Frank  R. James Philadelphia

According to police Frank has addresses in Wisconsin and Philadelphia. Initially, he was only identified as a person of interest in the shooting however he went on to be identified as a suspect later on.

Currently, police are trying to determine any connection he may have had to the shooting at a Brooklyn subway station which is the subject of a search effort.

Frank  R. James Net Worth

His net worth is unavailable.

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