Bruce Allen Smith

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Bruce Allen Smith Biography


Bruce Allen Smith Age, Birthday

Bruce Allen’s Exact age, date of Birth and Birthday are Unknown. His Victim Died aged 68 years old in 1985.

Bruce Allen Smith Wife

Bruce Smith was presumably a married Man. Prior to him being pronounced Guilty of Killing Hellen Wilson not Much was Known about Bruce. There is no online publication that has linked him to anyone Romantically. He died in 1992 and maybe survived by his Wife and Kids.

Bruce Allen Smith Children

Bruce Allen may have been married and had children but this has yet to come to our attention. We can therefore not confirm if he had any Kids be it Biological or Adapted.

Bruce Allen Smith Parents, Siblings

Bruce Allen was born and raised in the United States of America. Growing up his father was a very dedicated man and worked hard to ensure he put Food on the Table. Bruce was raised in n friendly neighbourhood but information regarding his early childhood is Scarce. Details regarding his Mother, Father and Siblings are Subject to Speculation.

Bruce Allen Smith Helen Wilson Killer

Bruce Allen is well known as the Killer of 68-year-old grandmother Helen Wilson. Bruce Raped and then Mureded Hellen in February 1985. On that gruesome Evening, Helen had not been feeling well and her Son Darrell and her Daughter In Law had come to Check on Her. Later on, they Left Their Mother and headed Home but at Midnight that night, they called Her to check on her and know if she had taken her medication. Unfortunately, She did NOt Respond.

It was Not Until the Next Morning that her Sister who Lived in the Same same apartment complex as her found her Lifeless body in her house. She was lying dead on the floor with her nightgown pulled up and a washcloth covering her face. Underneath the Wash Cloth Police noticed that a scarf was wrapped around her face tightly.

An autopsy revealed that she had pneumonia and likely died of suffocation but had been Sexually Assaulted.

How Did Bruce Smith Die?

According to Police Bruce Died of died of AIDS, in an Oklahoma City hospital in 1992.

Bruce Allen Smith Beatrice Obituary

Bruce Allen Is popularly known for his Controversial Murder of Helen Wilson and the Controversial Beatrice 6. At the time of the Murder, he lived in Beatrice but he moved to Oklahoma a few days after the Incident. Initially, Police had identified him as a possible suspect but hey, later on, Dismissed him.

He had been seen that night in the vicinity of Wilson’s apartment, and according To sources, a store clerk spotted blood on him the following morning.

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