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Building Roots HGTV


Building Roots HGTV Cast

Building Roots HGTV Preview

In the First Episode of the Show, we see the Doziers meet new clients who have just recently purchased a family home in the mountains.

The couple will try to pull out all the stops to update the home and maximize its views of the great outdoors inspired by the properties surrounding and its location along the Rio Blanco River.

Cristi turns a drab basecamp for a local horse-riding outfitter into a magical glamping destination for adventure seekers and manages another stunning transformation in the episode.

On the Show, Clients are always astonished by the Doziers’ gorgeous designs from a fresh interior with lots of natural light to an expanded deck outside many more.

Building Roots HGTV Filming Location

The Tv show was shot in the scenic landscapes and wide-open spaces of Pagosa Springs, Colorado. The Root Design Company is also currently located here.

Building Roots HGTV Schedule

Building Roots premiers on Sunday, April 10, at 9/8c and is available for same-day streaming on HGTV GO. You can communicate and learn more about the show on their social media handles on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok via #BuildingRoots and @HGTV.

Building Roots HGTV Pilot

Premiering on April 10, The Show follows The husband-and-wife duo as they make their Client’s dreams come true. We get to watch them as they complete innovative home renovations and bring to fruition beautiful homes.

They launched  Root Design Company and operated it ut of the living room of their home in Austin, Texas, their hometown in 2004. At the time the couple had a 9-month-old baby in tow.

Building Roots HGTV Episodes

In the first episode of the show, the dozers are introduced to a new Texas-based family who had just purchased their home. The property is located in the mountains and its view is Inspired by the mountains.

“I can remember when we thought of the name Root Design,” . “We had the name before we started the business. And we loved the word ‘root’ because it meant the source from which things grow. Yes, it started as a landscape company, but we felt like it lended itself to be whatever we wanted it to grow into.”Cristi says about the show.

According to Various online Sources, there is nothing but inspiration brimming for the founders of Root Design Company, which is based in the vast open spaces in the Pagosa Springs region of Colorado.

Building Roots Trailer


Building Roots How To Watch

The Tv show is available on HGTV or can be streamed on the Sameday HGTV GO.

They took over the ook ownership of a coffee shop in Pagosa Springs in 2019 Root House Coffee + Shop was born.

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