Carter the body

Who is Carter the body (All The Queen’s men) Bio-Wiki, Age, Birthday, Girlfriend, Education, Parents, Wikipedia, Net worth, Instagram, Twitter

Carter the body Biography


Carter the body Age, Birthday

She is estimated to be in her 30s. She has not shared any details about her exact age, birthday, and zodiac sign.

Carter the body Girlfriend

She has a girlfriend named Nelli, a chef. It is not known for how long the two have been together. On their social media, they have been showing love by posting to each other. It si evident that the two really love each other and are ready to conquer everything.

Carter the Parents

She was born and raised by her parents. Growing up her father and mother worked hard to ensure that their daughter never lacked the good things in her life. While growing up she became a strong lady.

Carter the Education

Her educational background is not known to the public. She has not revealed the course she pursued when she was in school and the school she attended. This will be updated ones the information is available

Carter the body Movies

  • Love Recession
  • All Queen’s Men
  • Lipstick the Series Terrie
  • Love Recession
  • Narc Stephanie King
  • Love Recession
  • A Simple Request

Carter the body All The Queen’s Men

It is a BET+ series that entails drama. The series is based on a male exotic club that is ruled by Madam. Madam is known to be a really fierce businesswoman and can do anything to keep her business running. The thing will not be so great for her as she will have some problems that she will face.

Her employees are really loyal to her and the business that she runs. The club gets full when it’s about to go down which means more money for the club.

Carter the body Height, Weight

She is estimated to be 5 feet 7 inches tall. (EST)

Carter the body Wikipedia

She is a fitness trainer that has been showing her training expert on her social media. Her monastic status is also out in the public and she has also mentioned her in her bio on her Instagram account.

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