Chaya Raichik

Who is Libs of TikTok Creator Chaya Raichik ?Bio-Wiki, Age, Birthday, Education, Wedding, Engagement, Real Estate, Height, London, Parents, Libs of TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Net worth

Chaya Raichik Biography

Chaya Raichik is well known as the person that runs the social media account Libs of TikTok. She got exposed by Taylor Lorenz. Here is all you need to know about Chaya Raichik Biography, Age, Birthday, Education, Height, Parents, Instagram, Twitter, Net worth

Chaya Raichik Age, Birthday

It is believed that she is a woman in her early 30s. Though it is yet to be confirmed as this may not be her accurate age. Her age, zodiac sign, and birthday are not known.

Chaya RaichikChaya Raichik Husband

It is not known if she has a husband or not. She has not disclosed anything about her relationship status.

However, another woman who goes by the same name but is mistaken identity is said to have a husband and is a mother of 2, and lives in London.

Chaya Raichik Engaged

It is not known if she is engaged, married, or dating. However, another woman who goes by the same name is said to be married and is a mother of 2, and lives in London.

Chaya Raichik Real Estate

She is not known for what she does aside from running her account. The lady who goes by the same name has been having things going for her. She posted on her story claims that were up on social media that she is a real estate manager while she is not. She came out to say that she is a stay home mother of two.

Chaya Raichik Education

Her education details are not known. She has managed to keep her details private.

Chaya Raichik London

It is not known where she really resides from. This will be updated when the information is available. on the other side, it was said on social media that the mistaken identity namesake lives in London. she came ou to clear the claims that she does not reside there and that she is from England.

Chaya Raichik Taylor lorenz

Taylor was not okay when she had experienced so personal things being exposed. This made her get to the bottom of things as she was getting really affected. She did all she could to the end and found the owner of Libs Tiktok.

This was not easy for as she even went to a extent of approaching the relatives of the alleged owner of theaccount.

Chaya Raichik Parents

There are no details about her family. It was said that Taylor had visited her relatives to get information about her and her whereabouts. However, they were not disclosed who they are.

Chaya Raichik Libs of TikTok

it is a Twitter account that was managed by Chaya. It mostly dealt with posting content that was about LGBT TikTok users, Left-wing, or even liberal. The intention is to mock them and also expose personal information to the public.

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