Who is Coach Stormy Wellington? Bio, Age, Height, Birthday, Daughter, Husband, Before Surgery, Million Dollar Hustle, Net Worth, Wikipedia

Stormy Wellington Biography


Stormy Wellington Real Name

Her Full name is Stormy Wellington Jones.

Stormy Wellington Mother and Father

As a Young girl, Stormy was always worried if her mother would come home at night or not. Later in life, her mother was jailed and Sadly Passed away a while later. There is no data available about her father.

Stormy Wellington Husband

Stormy is Happily Married to her Husband Darryl Jones, an American Bass Player who has been touring and recording with the Rolling Stones since 1993. He has also played in bands such as Sting and Miles Davis.

Coach Stormy Before Surgery

Coach Stormy Before Surgery

Stormy Wellington Daughter

Wellington has a Daughter named Maniya Canty. Maniya is a CEO and health influencer who is the owner of Pre Essence Fashion, a clothing business. She is also the Founder of an organization that gives educational and financial assistance to young entrepreneurs called Pure Essence University.

Stormy Wellington Million Dolar Hustle

Million Dolar Hustle is a Lifetime Original Tv Series that follows Author, entrepreneur self-made millionaire, and Health and Fitness Influencer Stormy and Her group of elite Leaders called the Circle of Bosses and their world of transformational marketing.

The cast of the Show Includes Her daughter Essence Canty, Ana Cantera, Bianca Shadai, Tammy Price, Dianna Williams (aka Coach D from Bring It!), and Nathalie Nicole Smith. Transformational Marketing is a multi-billion-dollar industry dominated by women whose glamorous lifestyles are supported by a competitive and Gritty World of selling events and Products at all Costs.

Premiering on Lifetime on March 17 the Show shows Stormy as she coaches women to help them dramatically change their lives both Professionally and Personally.

Stormy Aspires to Inspire these women and drives them to hustle and break generational curses after overcoming extreme adversity in her own life.

Born in Newyork and Raised in Miami Stormy faced a number of challenges at a very young age. She became a Teen Mom at 15 after she dropped out her high school in 9th grade and started stripping for earning to feed her family.  However, she’s completely turned her life around and has become a 7-figure earning coach and author and Also Built a strong Company.

She Normally Wakes up takes her kids to school, goes to the gym, does a morning inspiration call, meditates, and prays. Because she is an Author she is also scheduling meetings, dibbling and dabbling with her writing, and also Taking Phonecalls.

She believes that one of the biggest mistakes is that people give up too quickly which she attributes to the lack of faith when things go Sideways. She advised people not to lose faith when things don’t appear to go in one direction.

Stormy Wellington Wikipedia

Stormy was born in New York, moved to San Francisco, and eventually rooted and raised in Miami, Florida. Most Kids her age Unlike her were worried about getting home before the street lights came on But hers was a different case.

Stormy was always worried whether her mom would come home or not. She got a very different perspective on the emotion that she desires to be known for and is her driving Force, Love. Watching her Mom going to jail, stripping to provide for her family at 13, dropping out of high school in the 9th grade, Growing up in Foster care, making millions and losing it all, and holding her mom’s hand at death Have all Served to Strengthen her.

From the Moment she Opens Her eyes in the morning she is out to Reach her Goals and achieve her life’s mission of helping women all over the world to become the highest and best version of themselves. She birthed Girl Hold My Hand, Inc, an organization designed to accomplish this goal in 2017.

Stormy Wellington Height

Wellington is a very beautiful woman of average height and stature. She is 5 feet 7 Inches tall(EST)

Stormy Wellington Net Worth

Her Net Worth is $3 Million. An  Author, entrepreneur self-made millionaire, and Health and Fitness Influencer there is no doubt Stormy will grow her Networth even more.

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