Derrick Campana

Derrick Campana Bio, Age, Married, IDS, Bionic Pets, Net Worth, Wikipedia, Instagram

Derrick Campana Biography

Derrick Campana AKA the Wizard of Paws is an animal orthotist, Reality Tv Star, and the President of Animal Orthocare, LLC. He has specialized in Veterinary Prosthetics and Orthotics. He is based in Sterling, Virginia.

Here is all you need to know about Derrick Campana’s Bio, Age Bio, Age, Wife, Wikipedia, Net Worth, Motorcycle accident, Dog Henry, IDS, Instagram, and Tv Shows.

Derrick Campana Age, Birthday

Campana is Believed to be in his late 30’s or Early 40’s. His exact date of birth, Age, and Birthday are unavailable.

Derrick Campana Wife

Is He Married? Derrick and His wife Kelly Felton Campana Reside in Virginia. The Couple Got Married in a private Ceremony in 2011. They have two sons namely Jackson James, born on June 7, 2018, and Cole, born on July 7, 2013.

Derrick Campana Height, Weight

Campana is 5 feet 9 inches tall.

Derrick Campana Family, parents and Siblings

Derrick is the son of Debbie and Jim Campana . His Mother is a proud Member of the Gem Stone Dancers and a serious line dancer as well. His Mothers Friends have always been Following him on Tv and one of his greatest fans  come from his Village of of Belle Aire buddy .

Derrick Campana Twin Brother

Campana has a twin Brother  called, Darrell campana.  Darrell, attended Penn State University and rcalls that he was was super jealousbecause his Twin was having fun and IHwas at a military college.”

He eventually transferred to Penn State Intening to work in athletic training or a similar field.He majored in Kinesiology.

Derrick Campan Dog Henry

Derrick Travels alongide his Dog Henry. The two travel around the USA . in Campana’s mobile prosthetics and make stops is certain towns and craete pet Prosthetics and help pets back on their paws.

Derrick Campana Motorcycle accident

Compana’s Career as an animal orthotist started as a complete acident. Initially he went to to school to learn how to fit Humans for prosthetics and orthotics. However More often than not veterinarians would drop by his Former workplace either by car or Motorcycle.

One day he created a prosthetic limb for a Chocolate Lab named Charles and this was the beggining of everything, His lient base would rapidly grow.

Derrick Campan Wikipedia

the Wizard of paws began his career initially building orthotic and prosthetic devices for Humans. However in 2005 he discovered his true passion when he made his first device for a dog.

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