DJ Ethan Thompson

DJ Ethan Thompson (Serving the Hamptons) Bio, Age, Girlfriend, Parents, Net Worth, Wikipedia

 DJ Ethan Thompson Biography


 DJ Ethan Thompson Age, Birthday

Dj Ethan is presumably in his late 20’s or early 30’s. However, any information regarding his exact age and date of birth is not available.

DJ Ethan Thompson Height, Weight

He is 5 feet 10 inches tall. (EST)

DJ Ethan Thompson Family

Prior to him making an appearance on  Serving the Hamptons not much was known about Dj Ethan and that still remains the case as of this writing. There is very little information available regarding his family, parents, and siblings.

DJ Ethan Thompson Wife|Girlfriend

The American Dj is thought to be single. He is a rather reserved man who prefers to keep his love life private.  As such it can not be established if he is really single, married, dating or even straight or gay.

There is no information online available linking him to anyone romantically.

DJ Ethan Thompson Serving the Hamptons Wikipedia

Thompson stars in the new Discovery Plus Serving the Hamptons,” a docuseries that follows the “young, sexy restaurant staff” as they work and live together in a hot Hamptons restaurant. The restaurant is located in Southampton, New York, and is known as eatery 75 Main.

Before learning more about the show’s cast, who all live together in a beach home that is provided by their manager, Zach Erdem the trailer of the show introduces viewers to the “it spot,”. One staffer reveals that ”

Everybody wants the same thing: have a fun summer in the Hamptons and make money,” 

There are a few rules for living rent-free in the house and are stated by the Main manager Victoria Hilton include no big parties, no hooking up, the importance of showing up to work on time, and no drinking on the job.

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