Dom Phillips Missing

Who is Dom Phillips? Brazil Bio-Wiki, Age, Wife, Missing, Children, Net Worth, Wikipedia

Dom Phillips Biography


Dom Phillips Age, Birthday

Dom is in his early 40’s or late 30’s. the brazil based Journalist has not revealed any information surrounding his exact age, date of birth, birthday and Zodiac Sign.

Dom Phillips’s Wife, Is he Married.

The British Journalist is presumably Married. Prior to him going missing not much was known about Dom or his personal life. There is no online information linking him to anyone romantically. Therefore it is not known if he is single, In a relationship, Divorced or married.

Dom Phillips Education

Philps graduated from high school with good grades that saw him join College. He holds a degree or Diploma in a certain field in Journalism. He has however shared little about his education and level of academic excellence. It is not known which College or Highschool he attended.

Dom Phillips Parents, Siblings

Philips was born and raised by Mr and Mrs Philips in the Merseyside United Kingdom. As a  young kid, he enjoyed going out and Loved to help his mother set up the family Dinner. He had a totally normal childhood and he specifically enjoyed the outdoors and this was the basis of his longtime Love for the Amazon. There is no mention of him ever having experienced any traumatic experiences or Incidents as a kid therefore it is safe to assume that he had normal Childhood. Little is known about his father and it is also not known if he has any siblings.

Dom Phillips Height, Weight

Dom stands at an estimated height of 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs around 80Kgs.

Dom Phillips Brazil Missing

Dom and his Travel Companion Bruno Araújo Pereira, a former government official tasked with protecting Brazil’s uncontacted tribes, have been reported missing. Bruno has often received threats from Miners and Loggers seeking to Invade the tribe’s land. They disappeared just days after receiving the threats.

Dom is based in the Brazilian city of Salvador and is working on a book about the environment with support from the Alicia Patterson Foundation. He has reported from Brazil for over 15 years and is highly respected and credited by various media outlets including The Guardian.

Prior to them being reported missing Dom and Bruno were ravelling between the Ribeirinha São Rafael community to the city, from North Watchtower, according to Sources. They were travelling using a new boat, that holds a 40 HP engine and enough fuel for the trip, and had additional seven empty drums of fuel.

Dom Phillips Wikipedia

Philips was born and raised in Merseyside in the UK. He moved to Brazil in 2007 and settled in the city of Salvador where he reports for the Financial Times, New York Times and The Guardian among other Publications.

Dom Phillips Guardian

Dom is best known for contributing to the Guardian. He worked with clubbers’ bible MixMag throughout its 1990s heyday,  as its editor. However, he later moved on to become a freelance writer whose works have been quoted by a number of publications. For two years of his career, he was a style columnist for the Independent on Sunday. He is also known for making a number of documentaries for Channel 4 and for Radio 1.

Dom Phillips Net Worth

His net worth is estimated at €150 k or more.

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