Eirik Jensen

Who is Eirik Jensen? Mr Good: Cop or Crook Bio-Wiki, Age, Birthday, Children, Wikipedia

Eirik Jensen Biography


Eirik Jensen Age, Birthday

Jensen is 64 years old. He was born on 30 July 1957 and celebrates his birthday on July 30th each year. His Zodiac Sign is Cancer.

Eirik Jensen Wife

Eirik  was happily married to Cecilie Blegeberg. However, the couple divorced in 2003 after a few years of marriage.  The couple met in their younger years and after a couple of dates and consistent talking, they became an Item. Erik would propose to his now wife and as they say the rest is history.

Eirik Jensen Children

Jensen and his wife had Kids together. After his arrest he went on to publish a book titled “På Innsiden” (On the Inside).  that talked about his experiences as a police officer. The book has earned him thousands of dollars which he put under his sister’s name so that she would give the Money to his Kids and ensure they had a bright future.

“If I took my life, she was going to give it to my kids,” “

He has not shared inf formation such as his Children’s Names, Ages and Current Whereabouts.

Eirik Jensen Education

For his academic qualifications and educational background Eirik graduated from high school with good grades and holds a Highschool Diploma. He successfully attended the police college and passed. He is a  very intelligent man who for years deceived both his colleagues and family.He has however shared little information surrounding his academic years and level of academic excellence. It is not known which schools he personally attended or what his level.

Eirik Jensen Parents

Jensen was born and raised in Norway by his loving mother and Father. Growing up in a Norwegian household he loved to play and had a normal childhood. His family lived in a friendly neighbourhood and he would often catch the bus to school. He has not shared any incident of childhood Trauma therefore it is safe to assume that he had a normal childhood growing up. His parents worked hard to ensure Jensen and his siblings never lacked anything. He has shared a little about his parents.

Eirik Jensen Sister

Jensen has a ssister named Sigurd Klomsæt. When he was arrested he wrote a book titled Innsiden” (On the Inside). He trusted the Royalties to his sister to share with his Kids. Growing up the two siblings were very close and he really loved his sister. They had normal sibling rivalries growing up but it was never that extreme. It is not known if they had a sibling brother.

Eirik Jensen Height, Weight

He stands at an estimated height of 5 feet 11 inches tall. His weight and other body measurements are unavailable.

Eirik Jensen Prison

Jensen is a Prisoner at He is a prisoner at Kongsvinger Prison. In 2017 he was s convicted by the Oslo District Court of drug trafficking and gross corruption in a high-profile case known as the Cappelen/Jensen case and sentenced to 21 years’ imprisonment. In 2020 he was also convicted and sentenced to 21 years imprisonment by the Borgarting Court of Appeal.

Eirik Jensen Mr Good: Cop or Crook?

Jensen is the focus of the new Netflix docuseries, Mr Good: Cop or Crook?. The series follows him as he is being accused of being involved in illegal drug trafficking, in the high profile case known as the Cappelen/Jensen case. The case shocked the nation as journalists nd investigators began putting pieces of his case together.

The Norwegian Docu series looks into whether Jensen n had more sinister schemes up his sleeves while working in law enforcement. The story still remains relevant even as viewers ponder over who’s telling the truth and who isn’t despite him being arrested and imprisoned.

Eirik Jensen Net Worth

Jensen has an estimated net worth of $1Million.

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