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Flip To a Million HGTV


Flip To a Million HGTV Cast

Flip to a Million follows 2 Couples on their Flipping Journey. The Cast of the HGTV Show includes:

  • Jonathan Wrobel
  • Danielle Wrobel
  •  Jason Williams
  • EJ Williams 

Flip To a Million Location

The Show is Filmed in both Long Island, New York, and Chicago, Illinois. It Follows two couples from both locations as they Work their respective real estate and flipping markets to buy and sell properties with the goal of building a $1 million house sale in just six months.

Flip To a Million Sneak Peek

This exciting new show follows two couples, both of whom are proven and successful house flippers in their respective markets, over the course of six one-hour episodes: Jason and EJ Williams of Chicago, Illinois, and Jon and Dani Wrobel of Long Island, New York.

Flip To a Million Wikipedia

In the new limited series, which premieres on August 1, HGTV has created a unique, edge-of-your-seat experiment in house flipping that is engaging, inspiring, and unlike anything else the network has done before.

The innovative new show delves into the concept of how meager beginnings and limited resources can be transformed into a high-dollar real-estate deal with the right strategy and skill set (and perhaps a little luck).

The two couples are dropped in an unfamiliar city — Dallas, Texas — at the start of the series, which is narrated by HGTV star Alison Victoria. Once there, they set out on a mission to assess their opportunities and, ultimately, prove that it is possible to start with almost nothing and turn it into a fortune in the world of real estate.

The first episode follows the Williams and Wrobel families as they pack their belongings and relocate to Dallas. When the couples arrive, they immediately begin researching the local market, making new contacts, and determining the quickest way to begin making money toward their ambitious real estate goals.

Where to Watch Flip To a Million?

fansd can watch Flip to a Million on TLC.com and Discovery.com. For those without Subscriptions you an watch it later here.

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