Max Aaron Gottfried

Who is Gilbert Gottfried’s only son Max Aaron Gottfried Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Wikipedia

Max Aaron Gottfried Biography


Max Aaron Gottfried Age

Born on  May 18, 2009, Max is 12 years old.

Max Aaron Gottfried Birthday

He celebrates his birthday on  May 18 each year.

Max Aaron Gottfried Father and Mother

Max is the only son of Gilbert Gottfried and his wife Dara. He was named after Dara’s grandmother Mildred and Gilbert’s father Max.

Gilbert Gottfried’ Dead

American comedian and film and television actor Gilbert Gottfried, has sadly passed away aged 67 years old after a long illness.

His family broke the news in a Twitter post that read

“We are heartbroken to announce the passing of our beloved Gilbert Gottfried after a long illness. In addition to being the most iconic voice in comedy, Gilbert was a wonderful husband, brother, friend and father to his two young children. Although today is a sad day for all of us, please keep laughing as loud as possible in Gilbert’s honor,”

He was a contestant or “talking head” on reality series, including “Celebrity Wife Swap, and appeared in Voice roles on series like “Family Guy” in the 2000s and 2010s.

His stand-up comedy style was one that was delivered at a high decibel and considered filthy. He was also known for his ability to confidently broach extremely sensitive topics head-on such as his 2012 opinion piece that his audience did not appreciate about a 9/11 joke.

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