Jackie Witte

Who is Paul Newman first wife? Jackie Witte Obituary Wiki, Age, Children, Birthday, Height, Weight, Education, Husband, Divorce, Peter Newsman, Wikipedia, Net worth, Instagram, Twitter

Jackie Witte Biography

Jackie Witte is well known as the first wife of the late Paul Newman. Paul was an award-Winning film director, Actor and race car diver. He died on September 26, 2008, after a lengthy battle with Lung Cancer.

Here is all you need to know about Paul Newman’s first wife Jackie Witte Bio-Wiki, Age, Children, Birthday, Height, Weight, Education, Husband, Divorce, Peter Newsman, Wikipedia, Net worth, Instagram, Twitter

Jackie Witte Age, Birthday

She was born in September 1929. She is 93 years old as of 2022. The exact date she used to celebrate her birthday is not known. Her zodiac sign also is anonymous.

Jackie Witte and Paul Newman, Husband

She was the first wife of Paul Newman. However, this was not known to many as Joanne Woodward was the one known as the wife of Paul New man. Jackie and peter had been together even before he became a household name.

She met Peter when she was just 19 years old and Peter was a Navy veteran at that time. They moved to Illinois to work at a Woodstock theatre. On December 27, 1949, she was already married to Peter making her the first Mrs Newman.

The two got married in 1949. The two were together for nine years. They used to live in a small town.

A lot of stories were speculated as to what made them get married while still young. Some included that it may be that she was pregnant with her first child but that wasn’t true since she gave birth after getting married.

Jackie Witte Children

While the two were married they got to have three children together. In 1959 she gave birth to their firstborn Scott Newman. Unfortunately, in November 1978 he passed on due to a substance overdose.

She then gave birth to their second child in 1951 Stephanie Newman. After two years they welcomed their third child together Susan Kendall Newman.

Jackie Witte and Paul Newman Divorce

Paul was back to his career and had a film called Somebody Up There Like Me. The film turned out to be a critical hit. His career was at its high point at the moment while their marriage was heading in the opposite direction.

Paul told Jackie that he was in love with another woman, but she was not okay with that and was not about to let it go easily. She felt that she had the right to the family they had and even his career. They had married when they were young and at this point, they had realized that they were completely different people over the years.

He was ready to leave her no matter what on the other hand his relationship with the other woman who was Joanne Woodward, was becoming public. This made things worse but better for Peter as he eventually worked up the courage to ask Jackie for a divorce. This did not make her sign the papers she refused until she heard of the stories going around that Joanne was pregnant with Peter’s baby.

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