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Joe Piercy Biography


Joe Piercy Age, Birthday

Joe is in his late 30’s. it is not known when he was born when he celebrates his birthday, and what his Zodiac sign is.

Joe Piercy Wife

Joe is married to his wife Meg Piercy. The couple met at a church in Chicago, one known for being filled with young, single people. The couple would go on occasional Lunchdates after lunch. They Got Engaged Six weeks later.

Joe and Meg Piercy’s Wedding

Joe and Meg Tied the knot in a  private wedding ceremony in October 2009. In the early stages of their marriage, the couple began painting furniture together on a daily basis.

“We still spend 22 hours a day together,” “A lot of people, when they meet us, they’re like, ‘I could never work with my spouse.’”Joe Says.

Joe Piercy Education

Joe is a graduate of both Centennial and the University of Illinois. It is not known what his majors were. He is also a one-time News-Gazette Carrier of the Month.

Joe Piercy Parents, Siblings

His parents Jim and Jani, live at Maynard Lake. Little is known about his old Folks.

Joe Piercy Height, Weight

He is 5 feet 10 inches tall.(EST)

Joe Piercy HGTV

Joe and his wife are the stars of the New HGTV Reality Show. The city of will for the next few weeks see one of their own host a Tv series. Joe is a one-time News-Gazette Carrier of the Month, stars with wife Meg on HGTV’s “Renovation Goldmine.

Champaign-Urbana rarely gets to see one of its own hosting a TV series. But it’s happening again starting Saturday night. Centennial and University of Illinois graduate Joe Piercy, a one-time News-Gazette Carrier of the Month, stars with wife Meg on HGTV’s “Renovation Goldmine.” The show debuts at 7 p.m. with hourlong episodes each week through June 18. After that, it will be streaming on Discovery Plus.

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