Kalinka Bamberski

Who was Kalinka Bamberski? How Did She Die? Obituary, Wikipedia, Brother, Autopsy, Mother, Father, Killer

 Kalinka Bamberski Obituary


 Kalinka Bamberski Age, Birthday

Bamberski was 14 years old when she sadly passed away. Born in 1967 her exact date of birth, birthday and Zodiac Sign are unavailable.

Kalinka Bamberski Mother

Kalinka was the Daughter of Daniele Gonnin and her first Husband Andre Bamberski. Kalinka sadly passed away on the morning of July 1982, while staying with her mother and stepfather in Lindau, Germany. It was her Step Father Dieter Krombach who contacted emergency services after her unresponsive in her bedroom.

Kalinka Bamberski Brother

Bamberski is survived by her parents and Brother Nicolas Bamberski. Nicolas was 11 years old when his older sister was killed by his Step-Father. He revealed in 2001 that despite his sister’s death he was uncertain about the case and did not try to find out the part Krombach had played in Kalinka’s death. He further revealed that he considered the non-enforcement of the judgement of 1995ebberaant and this was what motivated him to join the association.

How Did Kalinka Bamberski Die? What Happened to Her?

Kalinka Bambersski died after she had been injected with various substances including dopamine and cortisone by her stepfather who intended to rape her. The following morning she was found dead by Dieter Krombach who contacted emergency services after finding her unresponsive in her bedroom. He later revealed to the authorities that he had apparently administered her with a tanning injection the night before she died.

Kalinka Bamberski Nationality, Ethnicity

Kalinka was a French National and her Ethnicity was White.

Kalinka Bamberski Wikipedia

Kalinka Bamberski was a French adolescent, who died in the home of her German stepfather, Dieter Krombach, a doctor and serial rapist, in 1982. Because of the suspicious autopsy results, the girl’s French father, André Bamberski, pressed German authorities to look into Krombach’s involvement in her death.

When Germany closed the case and refused extradition to France, Krombach was tried in absentia in France and convicted of involuntary manslaughter in 1995, a verdict that was later overturned on procedural grounds by the European Court of Human Rights. German authorities closed Kalinka’s case and determined that no foul play had occurred, but her father was convinced that she had been raped and murdered by her stepfather, Krombach.

Bamberski had gathered enough evidence by 1995 to persuade a French court to try Krombach in his absence.In absentia, he was convicted of murder at the Cour d’Assises in Paris and sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Kalinka Bamberski Autospy

After an autopsy was conducted on her body A French investigative team discovered that Kalinka had been injected with various substances such as cortisone and Dopmani but what shocked them was that her Kidneys, rectum and genitals had been removed and were never found.

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