Who is Karie Lee Knoke? Alone, Season 9, Bio-Wiki, Age, Birthday, Husband, Parents, Education, Height, Nationality, Wikipedia, Net worth

Karie Lee Knoke Biography


Karie Lee Knoke Husband

The wilderness/primitive skills instructor is most likely married or divorced though she has remained tight-lipped on his marital status. Detail about her partner and the kid she owns is not available.

Karie Lee Knoke Education

Lee is a very learned and intelligent lady. The cast member studied at high school in her hometown where she received good grades. Then Karie proceeded and earned a Bachelor’s degree in both Computer Science and Business Administration along with a minor in Psychology.

Karie Lee Knoke Parents, Siblings

Lee was born and grew up in Sandpoint, Idaho in the United States by his parents. She has exposed very little information concerning her early childhood, parents, and siblings.

Karie Lee Knoke Height and Weight

Lee stands at an estimated height of 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs around 75 kg.

Karie Lee Knoke Nationality/Ethnicity

Lee’s nationality is American and holds white ethnicity.

Karie Lee Knoke Wikipedia

Lee was born and grew up in Sandpoint, Idaho in the United States. She is a wilderness/primitive skills instructor. Lee has a life span of experiences in the outdoors. Growing up in a small town, making shelters, and playing in the woods she dreamed of someday walking off into the mountains with just a knife to survive. After 1 decade as a Systems Analyst Consultant in Seattle, she escaped the turmoil of the corporate world, shifting to Sandpoint, Idaho in 1997.

A passionate champion for farm-to-table health, she also makes time to work as a pesticide research scientist, collecting and analyzing data to be published in scientific journals on the toxicity impact of pesticides.

when she’s not out teaching or playing, she enjoys a myriad of crafting projects like tanning hides, drum making, buckskin sewing, basketry, and felting. You may also come across her out backpacking, snowboarding, kayaking, or practicing her archery.

Karie Lee Knoke Alone, Season 9

Lee is one of the 10 new contestants who’ll compete to win $500,000 as they try their best to survive in the Earth’s harshest locations on the Northeast shores of Labrador, Canada – where the polar bears hunt and weather conditions are miserable. In addition, the participants include 2 ladies and 8 gentlemen from the United States, Mexico, and Canada. participants are equipped with just 10 survival tools and dropped off in unacknowledged, isolated locations with enough camera gear to self-document their experiences.

The ten brave explorers include Jessie Krebs, Adam Riley, Juan Pablo Quinonez, Terry Burns, Jacques Turcotte, Tom Garstang, Karie Lee, Benji Hill, Igor Limansky, and Teimojin Tan.

The 9th season, Alone will air on 2022 May 26th. Moreover, it will carry on to captivate an audience with the launch of two new original digital content series,  “The Ride Back” (wt) and “Shelter from the Storm” (wt).

Additionally, here are the Ten Items Karie selected to bring on his ‘Alone’ journey:

Paracord, Sleeping bag, 2-quart pot, Ferro rod, Bow and arrows, Fishing line and hooks, Bow and arrows, Trapping wire, Trapping wire, Multitool, Ax, and Emergency rations.

Karie Lee Knoke’s Salary

The cast member’s (Karie) salary is approximated to be around 180K yearly. Furthermore, the precise amount of salary Lee attain will soon be out.

Karie Lee Knoke’s Net Worth

Lee’s net worth is estimated at around $ 1 to  $ 5 million. Nevertheless, her occupation as a wilderness/primitive skills instructor is the main source of revenue.

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