Brady Haran

Who Kylie Pentelow husband Brady Haran Bio-Wiki, Age, Birthday, Wife, Kylie Pentelow, YouTube, Education, Children, Podcast, Parents, Wikipedia, Instagram, Twitter, Net worth

Brady Haran Biography

Brady Haran is well known as the husband of Kylie Pentelow. She is a television news presenter and an English journalist. She is on the ITV Weekend News and ITV News West Country. He is a podcaster and a YouTuber.Here is all you need to know about Simon Kurs Biography, Age, Birthday, Wife, Education, Children, Parents, Wikipedia, Instagram, Twitter, Net worth

Brady Haran Age, Birthday

He is 46 years old. He was born on June 18, 1976. His zodiac sign is Gemini. He celebrates his birthday every June 18th.

Brady HaranBrady Haran Wife

He is married to his wife Kylie Pentelow. She is a journalist and a presenter. It is not known how the two met. When they got married is also not known to the public.

Brady Haran Education

His educational background is not known to the public. it is not known where he did his studies and what he pursued. However, his wife attended Sir Christopher Hatton School.

She then graduated and joined the University of Sheffield where she did an MA in journalism.

Brady Haran Parents

He was born in Adelaide, Australia to his parents. His father is Peter Haran. He used to be a member of the 2nd Royal Australian Regiment of the Australian Army.

He also has a sister named Kalea, a teacher. Details about his mother are not known to the public.

Brady Haran Height, Weight

He is estimated to be 5 feet 9 inches tall. (EST)

Brady Haran YouTube

He has a YouTube channel called Test Tubes. He had made over 1500 videos for the first time as an independent filmmaker. In 2012 he was working with 12 youtube channels as a producer, interviewer, and editor.

He used to have collaborations with well-known professionals and academics. His videos are usually in form of a casual interviews.

Brady Haran Podcast

In January 2014, he created his podcast show named HelloInternet with CGP Grey as his co-host. The podcast was the #1 iTunes podcast in the UK, Australia, Canada, and Germany. In 2014 it got selected as one of the best Apple’s best new podcasts.

In 2016 it was included in the li of the 50 best in the list of The Guardian. It was described as a podcast that has banter and in-depth debates that are amusing.

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