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Who is Lascelles Lagares (Temptation Island) Bio-Wiki, Age, Birthday, Girlfriend, Ashley Rodriguez, Height, Instagram, Twitter, Net Worth

Lascelles Lagares Biogaphy


Lascelles Lagares Age, Birthday

He is 27 years old. He started dating his 26-year-old girlfriend Ashley when he was 20 years old.

Lascelles Lagares Girlfriend

His girlfriend is Ashley Rodrigez. She is a reality tv star, model, and content creator. The two have been dating for seven years now.

Lascelles LagaresThey are both in the series as she does not get why she is not yet engaged. While on the other side Lascelles is trying everything to make her happy. He does not care if it affects his financial status.

On the show, they will be exposed to single people that will be around them which may lead to temptations of even being taken away from their partners and leaving with one of the singles.

Lascelles Lagares Parents, Ethnicity

Lascelles is of Indian American ethnicity. He captioned an event that was a Hindu wedding in the language. he may also be Spanish-American as the Lagares originated mainly from Spain.

Lascelles Lagares Job, Career

Lascelles is a health instructor and self-employed personal trainer who is certified as he is licensed by American Council on Exercise. He came to settle into that after having done so many types of jobs like a real estate agent, a campus technology recruiter, and also an operation analyst.

Lascelles Lagares Tempation Island-Wikipedia

The show opens doors for couples to live with single people of the opposite gender to test their relationships. It started out in 2019 as by then it was aired on Fox. The show attracted lots of fans around 16 million viewers.

The show had lots going on with the participants of the season as they were removed and was later discovered they had children. Season 2 of the show was set up on October 31, 2001, and the ratings were terrible. The ratings got to be worse to seasons 3 and 4. Then on 28th January 2021, they announced that there will be a new season of the show that will premiere on February 16, 2021.

Lascelles Lagares Height, Weight

He stands at 5 feet 9 inches tall. (EST)

Lascelles Lagares Net Worth

His net worth is not known at the moment.

Social Media

Instagram: luh_cellz

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