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LaShun Pace Daughter Xenia Pace Rhodes Funeral, Obituary, Age, Cause of Death, Wikipedia

Xenia Pace Rhodes Biography


Here is all you need to know about LaShun Pace’s daughter Xenia Pace Rhodes Funeral, Bio Age, Birthday, Education, Cause of Death, and Wikipedia.

Xenia Pace Rhodes Age, Birthday

Xenia was born on 31 Aug 1989 and died on 21 Feb 2001 Aged 11 Years Old. Had She Lived she would have celebrated her 33rd birthday on 21 February.

Xenia Rhodes Measurements

At Just 11 Years old Xenia was 5’6” and 291 pounds and was often bullied mercilessly.

LaShun Pace Daughter Funeral

Xenia Pace Rhode’s Funeral Took place at the Forest Lawn Memorial Gardens South Fulton, Fulton County, Georgia, USA.  She was a Member of the Georgia Mass Youth For Christ Choir, having been featured on the choir’s album ‘Higher’.

Xenia Pace Rhodes Death and Cause Of Death

Xenia Pace Tragically Died on 21 Feb 2001 Aged 11 Years Old From an Enlarged Heart. She had Collapsed in her Room and Never Got Up again.

Xenia Pace Wikipedia

Her mother was born and raised in the south side of Atlanta in Hapeville in a Community known as Poole Creek. It was At Xenia’s grandmother’s Kitchen that she began to Sing. The family of 10 Would Harmonize together (eight sisters and one brother)

Her rendition of I Know I’ve Been Changed became a fan favorite with her debut album reaching No. 1 on the Billboard gospel charts. She was poised to take the world of gospel music by storm after landing a role as an Angel of Mercy in Leap of Faith with Steve Martin and Debra Winger.

A Divorce left her a single mother and her Career softly took her out of town. In an interview, she explains how she always did her best to make things work with her children.

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