Love at First Lie

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Love at First Lie


Love at First Lie Cast

  • Monica and Josh
  • Joe and Alfie
  • Reasey and Cece
  • Joe and Annabell
  • Karla and Brian
  • It’s Arabella and Stephanie.
  • Irina and Igor

Love at First Lie Release Date|Premiere Date

The premiere date for Love at First Lie is Wednesday, October 12. The premiere will air at 9:30 p.m. ET, immediately following The Challenge: Untold History. The first episode will last an hour and a half and will be repeated weekly at the same time. Those who miss Love at First Lie on MTV will most likely be able to watch the episodes on Paramount+ and MTV’s website.

Love at First Lie Where to Watch

For those not in the United States of America or Looking to watch the Reality tv Show a little later after the streaming date for free they can look for the series on the streaming platforms below.

Love at First Lie Wikipedia

MTV reports that Love at First Lie will follow eight couples. But there’s a catch: some of these couples aren’t actually married. They might not even know much about each other. It’s up to the other contestants to figure out which couples are phonies and which are genuine. They’ll complete relationship challenges along the way to help weed out the con artists.

Each of the 12 episodes will end with a Truth Ceremony, in which couples will vote off one another. If they are successful in eliminating a group of liars, $25,000 will be added to a prize fund. The last remaining couple, real or not, will walk away with the entire $100,000 fund.

According to MTV’s official logline, “Power games test their relationships and reveal who is telling the truth or lying through their teeth.” During the Truth Ceremony at the end of each episode, the couples must eliminate from the competition anyone they believe is lying about their love. Each time they guess correctly and eliminate liars, they add $25,000 to the prize fund. Only one couple can win and walk away with the entire prize pool, but will they be lovers or liars?”

Love at First Lie Season 2

Mtv will announce the secons Season of Love at first Lie shortly after the end of the firs season. It is safe to assume that the series will Premier sometime inOctober 2023.

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