Mariam Timmer

Mariam Timmer (The Real Housewives) Bio, Age, husband, Children , Net Worth, Wikipedia, Instagram

Mariam Timmer Biography


Mariam Timmer Age

The Real Housewives Cast is 35-year-old. She was born on the 21st of December, 1986 Sagittarius.

Mariam Timmer Husband

Miriam is happily married to Wealthy businessman John Timmer, who is an extremely wealthy businessman. The couple has been together for just over half a decade and is still deeply in love.

Mariam Timmer Family, Parents, and Siblings

Timmer is a rather private woman. She prefers to keep any information regarding her childhood and family close to her heart and has not revealed any information.

Mariam Timmer Height

She is 5 feet 8 inches tall.

Mariam Timmer The Real House Wives of Lagos

Timmer, is one of the stars on Season 1 of The Real House Wives.  In an interview with Showmax she revealed that her mum told her to start a reality show about eight years ago because she is naturally funny.

Other people also used to ask her to create a reality show, and she loved watching reality shows. So when she got approached for this, she thought, since people have been saying she should do it, she might as well go for it, and here she is.

However, she goes on to say that  Being asked to be a part of the show was a shock, but she was excited. She was more concerned and looked forward to how the other cast members would feel about this because they didn’t know she was coming.

She specifically loved her introduction to the show. They were having a party, and she had  came in. It was exactly what she was expecting, and she was like, “Yes, b*tches. Close your mouth, close it.”

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