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Over the course of many years, Experience has shaped Myron Golden into a Man of Stature and empowering speech. He has made mistakes, learned from them seen others make mistakes, and also learned from them and this among other factors has shaped him into a brilliant speaker. He has over the years he has spoken to thousands of up-and-coming youths, entrepreneurs, and salespeople. In 2018 he graced the stage at Funnel Hacking Live where he shocked many by Giving a 30 Minutes Speech and the same time making a solo but staggering 3 Million Dollar Sales Deal. So Just who is Myron? What do we know about his personal life? Find out more about the Amazing Speaker Below.

He is the Author of From The Trash Man To The Cash Man a best Selling Book that has over the years helped many people shape their lives and help them turn their lives around. He has also published articles in Entrepreneur Magazine and is considered by many Their Business Mentor. He has also written other books such as Boss Moves Book and Most Recently The Magic Of Compound Business Growth: Online Strategies For Offline Market Domination. Myron also understands the ever-changing dynamics of businesses and understands how to use the Internet.

Using his skills as a business consultant he teaches his clients how to measure the effectiveness of their current advertising budget.his clients can then use this knowledge that they have to gauge their ads, classify them and spend less on ads that are showing little or no results whilst optimizing those that are already working.

Myron Golden Age|How Old is He?

Golden is a 61-year-old Senior Citizen who still looks like he is in his Prime given his fit body and energetic way of life. He was born on May 14th, 1961, in Cleaveland Ohio and his childhood had been challenging at the very least. Despite his current success he had previously Contracted Polio as a young Boy and walks with a Metal Brace on his Leg as a Reminder of what occurred.

Age 61 Years old as in 2022
Birthday May 14th
Date of Birth May 14th, 1961
Zodiac Sign Taurus 
Place of Birth Cleaveland Ohio
Wife Gwendolyn Inman Bethea
Children a Daughter

Myron Golden Family, Parents, and Siblings.

Myron was born and raised in Cleaveland in a Family that struggled to put food on the Table. His Parents were Joseph Ely and Erma Nell Golden and they always did all that they could to provide for their young Children. He enjoyed visiting his Grandparents on both of his parent’s sides and always looked forward to Christmas in order to Meet the Rest of his Relatives. As a child, he Contracted Polio and has to have a Metal Brace inserted into his leg but it has not always been easy. He loves his Siblings and the Golden Family meets together once in a While and Catches up.  

Mother Erma Nell Golden
Father Joseph Ely
Siblings None
Grand Parents  

Myron Golden Educational Background

Golden is a Highly Sought After and educated Consultant. He has always understood the importance of education and the Impact it has on his Life. As a Young man, he enjoyed going to school and Business related Subjects were always his favorite subjects at school. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Accounting and also holds a Master of Public Administration in International Development from the Prestigious Harvard University.

Myron Golden Wife, Is He Married?

Golden has been Married twice throughout his Long Life. He Met and Fell in Love with his First Wife Gwendolyn Inman Bethea as a Young Man. The couple tied the knot on 1st August 1970 in a Private wedding ceremony that is still very much Fresh in Goldens Mind.

However, after eight years of Marriage, his first wife sadly passed away in November 1978 leaving Golden to take care of their Young daughter Malaika Solange. 15 years after the heartbreaking death of his wife he Found Love again in a woman named Chevaunne Ingrid Powell. The pair dated for a few years and on 7th August 1993, they tied the knot and have been happily married ever since.

Myron Golden Daughter and Children

Golden has a daughter named Malaika Solange who was born to him in his First Marriage to Gwendolyn Inman Bethea. His daughter is now a grown-up woman who probably has a family of her own.

HEIGHT 5 Feet 11 Inches
HAIR White
EYES Black

Myron Golden Story

Golden has a Story that is a true Testimony that hardships Do not render one’s Ambition and determination is the key to success. Born as a young Boy in Cleavland he has it tough as a young Boy. He Contracted Polio which left him with a lifelong Metal Brace on his Leg. Fast Forward to his adult life has always been faced with challenges but the most devastating was losing his wife in 1978 he has always found a way around all the challenges. Reading his Story will surely Motivate our day-to-day Youths to do better and that Your challenges do not define you.

Myron Golden Books

  • From the Trash Man to the Cash Man: How Anyone Can Get Rich Starting from Anywhere
  • Click and Order for Brick and Mortar: Online Strategies for Offline Market Domination
  • The Ebony Treasure Map: The Roadmap to Riches for African Americans

Myron Golden Church

Dr. Golden is a Saved Man who never Shies away from expressing his Faith in God. He is a man of his word and never Misses a Sunday Session at the Park Meadows Church and often offers a word or two to the Church Congregation. His off-the-charts positive energy has always lifted the spirits of many aspiring youths in the church and many look up to him.

Myron Golden Net Worth

Golden’s Net Worth is estimated at $5 Million as of 2022. He is a very successful Podcaster, Business Consultant For Guaranteed Growth, Public Speaker, Youtuber, Marketing Consultant and Best Selling Author who has made his mark in the various industries he has ventured into.  

NET WORTH $5 Million
CAREER Podcaster, Business Consultant For Guaranteed Growth, Public Speaker, Youtuber, Marketing Consultant and Best Selling Author

Myron Golden Contacts and Social Media

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