Nathalie Nicole Smith

Who is Nathalie Nicole Smith (Million Dollar Hustle) Bio, Age, Husband, Net Worth, TLC, Wikipedia, Instagram

Nathalie Nicole Smith Biography

Nathalie Nicole Smith is an AUTHOR, ENTREPRENEUR, TELEVISION PERSONALITY and BEAUTY AND WELLNESS, MAVEN. She is the founder of Plush Beauty, an online eco-beauty company. She appears on Million Dollar Hustle.

Nathalie Nicole Smith Age, Birthday

Nicole Smith is believed to be in her late 30’s or early 40’s. She has not revealed her exact age, date of birth, Birthday, and Zodiac.

Nathalie Nicole Smith Husband

Nathalie is presumably single. A rather reserved character she has not revealed any information regarding her relationship status. There is no online data connecting her to anyone romantically.

As such questions such as is Nathalie Nicole married? Remain mysterious.

Nathalie Nicole Smith Family, Parents and Siblings

Nicole Smith constantly shares photos of her family on Instagram most notably her father. The two are rather close. However, she has not revealed any crucial information regarding her father such as his name and where bouts.

Nathalie Nicole Smith

Little is known about her mother and Siblings if she has any.

Nathalie Nicole Smith Height

Nicole Smith is 5 feet 6 inches tall(EST).

Nathalie Nicole Smith TLC Wikipedia

Nathalie is A Wellness  Maven with TLC. According to her profile, she made a decision to become physically and financially free after being tired of the struggle. Working as a business owner she had amassed over 100k of debt.

However, Joining TLC gave her relief and the ability to help others.

She is part of the 1K Ambassador program that is aimed at women who genuinely want to turn their dreams into reality. She urges women to let her fuel their dreams to success. The program helps women across the globe, learn how to turn everyday social media posts into cash flow.

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