How Old is is Park Se-Jeong? Singles Inferno Age, Partner, Family, Net Worth

Who is Park Se-Jeong? Biography


Park Se-Jeong is a fitness enthusiast well known as the cast of Singles Inferno season 2. She is 5 feet 7 inches tall. Her main target is to get a man who can take care of her, and who’s in her league.

On the day that the cast was revealed she stunned everyone with her cut-out fit. While describing herself she said that her most attractive features are her eyes, “sexy body,” and playful side. Singles Inferno is a Korean reality Tv Show that gives a platform to people that are looking for love. She like men who are

However, the show is unique in its own way as the show has four hosts that give out their views on the cast. The host of the show is only in the first episode when the cast is revealed. They get to have an experience on the Island and for the lucky ones, they get to see Paradise.

Park Se-Jeong Age, Birthday

Se-Jeon is still in her 20s pursuing a career in the fitness industry. The young and vibrant lady has caught the eyes of many fans of the reality show and also the men in the show with her charm and smile. Some of the men in the show have shown interest in her but are still taking their time.

Park Se-Jeong Net worth

Se-Jeong’s net worth is around $500k. Her career as a fitness trainer has been her main income before she became a Reality Tv Star.


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