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Renovation Goldmine HGTV


Renovation Goldmine HGTV Cast

Renovation Goldmine Episodes

Season 1 of the HGTV show has 8 episodes.

  • Episode 1: No Room Left Behind

In the first episode of the show take on two projects. They are helping Stephanie and Eric update their kitchen at the Biederman’s single-family home. In the Other one of the most important rooms in the house has been left behind.

  • Episode 4

In this episode, they serve as not only refinishers but also referees. They take on cousins in two separate renovation projects just a few blocks apart and have an extended family that has so much “gold” up for grabs.

Renovation Goldmine HGTV Air|Release Date

The show airs on Saturday, April 30th at 8/7c.

Where Is Renovation Goldmine Filmed?

The Show is Filmed in Chicago, IL where the business, MegMade, is based and upcycles furnishings found in their clients’ homes. The show was shot in the summer heat and their hosts were knocking down walls, cutting lumber, sweating through their outfits, and creating a lot of dust in the air. air. Nothing was scripted, cameras needed to follow talent through construction obstacles while covering multiple rooms, and booming the scene would have completely gotten in the way. As a result, wireless was the primary audio source, and the director was rarely in the saame room as the Talent.

Renovation Goldmine Review

The series is excecutively produced by the excecutive producers for Frank are Pasquale DeFazio and Dan Connell the Frank Content Inc. The mantra of the Show is “Old is gold”  and it has eight episodes.

Over the course of the series we sFollow Husband and Wife Duo, Joe and Meg as they work on their successfull business dedicated to repurposing treasures found in clients’ homes. They work together to revive old furniture and other pieces already owned by their clients. They use the money from selling this restored furnitures to renovate the homes of the family.

Renovation Goldmine Season 2

Season Two of the Series is set to come Up in Mid 2023.



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