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What is Rishi Sunak Religion? Nationality, Ethnicity and Early Child hood

What Religion is Rishi Sunak?


Sunak, the eldest of three children, was raised in Southampton, southern England, by a general practitioner father and a pharmacist mother. His parents took on extra work to help pay for his public school education because he “just missed” the expected full scholarship and they couldn’t bear the thought of him missing out.

Sunak describes the school as “completely intimidating” at first, recalling his initial awkwardness at wearing second-hand uniforms, but he eventually grew to love it. “It was intellectually transforming,” he says, “and it set me on a new path.”

Rishi Sunak Nationality

Rishi is a British National with Indian Roots. His Ethnicity is Hindi

Rishi Sunak Ethnicity

Sunak is a Hindu and can trace his ancestral background back to the Punjab Province, British India.

Rishi Sunak Early Child Hood

Rishi Sunak was born on May 12, 1980, at the Southampton General Hospital. His mother, Usha, was the manager of Weston Pharmacy at the time, and his father, Yashvir, was a GP with a practice on Raymond Road in Shirley.

The family lived in Richmond Gardens in Portswood before relocating to Spindlewood Close in Bassett after the births of their second son Sanjay and daughter Raakhi.

Rishi Sunak attended Oakmount, a Southampton prep school, until it closed in 1989, and then Stroud School. “He was someone that was talked about,” says Ollie Case, a fellow Stroud pupil who went on to become a teacher there. ‘He’s going to be Prime Minister,’ the teachers would say.”

Rishi Sunak attended Oxford University and earned a master’s degree in business administration from Stanford University in the United States. As a hedge fund manager, he amassed considerable wealth and married Akshata Murthy, the daughter of an Indian billionaire, before becoming MP for Richmond in Yorkshire in 2015.

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