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Who was Ron Lafferty? Bio-Wiki, Age, Birthday, Wife, Obituary, Daughter, Utah, Documentary, Religion, Instagram and Twitter

Ron Lafferty

Ron Lafferty Biography

Ron Lafferty was a Convicted Killer and self-proclaimed prophet who ruthlessly Murdered His sister-in-law Brenda Lafferty, from Utah, and her toddler daughter Erica in 1984. He is portrayed by Sam Worthington in the new True Crime Tv Series Under the Banner of Heaven. He passed away aged 78 years old of natural causes at the state prison in the Salt Lake City suburb of Draper, Utah Department of Corrections.

Here is all you need to know about Ron Lafferty Bio-Wiki, Age, Birthday, Net Worth, Wikipedia, Religion, Obituary,  Death, Daughter, Wife, Instagram, Documentary, Instagram and Twitter.

Ron Lafferty Age, Birthday

He passed away aged 78 years old. It is not known when he celebrated his birthday or what his exact date of birth and Zodiac signs were.

Ron Lafferty Wife

He was married to, Diana Lafferty. His wife left him when he decided to take a second wife. He believed that his sister-in-law was the reason his wife left him and received a divine revelation from God to kill Brenda Wright Lafferty and her infant daughter.

Diana divorced him in 1984. Polygamy was a pillar of the Latter-day Saints Church, of which he was then a member.

Ron Lafferty Daughter

Ron did not have any kids. His brother on the other hand had a daughter.

Ron Lafferty Education

Ron never went public with any information regarding his personal life. It is not known which school he attended or what his level of education was.

Ron Lafferty Parents and Brothers

Ron was the Son of Watson Lafferty, a stern disciplinarian. His father had a seething rage that he sometimes directed towards Ron’s mother and the kids. He once beat the family dog to death after e spat with his wife with a baseball.

The family lived in Payson, Arizona, United States. Watson was a man who greatly clung to his religious ways and beliefs. In one occasion when one son accidentally shot himself in the stomach with an arrow, he told him he would have to suffer until morning for breaking the Sabbath.

Ron Lafferty and Dan Lafferty

Ron and his Brother Dan gained International Attention in 1984 after the Gruesome Murder of their Sister-In law  Brenda Lafferty and her baby daughter, Erica. Erica and his brothers were taught to distrust conventional medicine and the federal government.

Dana and Ron were best friends while growing up and were known for their willingness to back each other in a fight and their Short Tempers. The Boys took after their father as they Grew up into men. As a father instead of buying food for his children, Dan would chew up the food and spit it into his Children’s Mouth. He believed he was above the laws of men and refused to pay taxes or obey traffic laws.

Ron Lafferty  Utah Wikipedia

He was excommunicated from the LDS Church for trying to take his 14-year-old stepdaughter as a second wife in 1982. Dan told his brothers they were the true leaders of God’s church and they followed him letting their hair grow like prophets of the bible. The family of 6 rallied together against the LDS church and the U.S government.

Ron Lafferty and Brenda Wright Lafferty

Ron and his brother Dan are the centres of the new Tv series Under The Banners of Heaven. In an incident that occurred on July 24, 1984, Ron slashed the throats of their sister-in-law Brenda and her 15-month-old daughter, Erica. Ron claimed to have received Devine’s revelation to weed out several people, including the two victims.

Ron Lafferty Net Worth

His net Worth was estimated at $1 Million.

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