Sandi Chipman

Who was Sandi Chipman? What Happened to Her? Bio-Wiki, Age, Birthday, Zodiac Sign

Who was Sandi Chipman?


Sandi Chipman Age,  Birthday

Details regarding Sandi’s Exact age, date of birth, birthday and Zodiac Sign are unavailable.

Sandi Chipman Husband

Chipman was Married Three Times. She was married to Cliff Sevakis who is the Father of her eldest Daughter Cliff Sevakis. Her marriage did not work out and the pair Divorced. Two years later she met her second husband, Dennis Brandenburg and the pair got married. They had three Kids together namely Allison (b. 1971), Amy (b. 1972), and Philip (nicknamed “Stevie”).

Sandi Chipman and Franklin Floyd

After her Second Mariage Fell apart she lived alone and worked hard to raise her 4 kids. In 1974 she met her third Husband Franklin Floyd who went Under the Alias Brandon Williams at a North Carolina truck stop. They dated for a month before finally getting married.

Sandi Chipman Today, What Happened To Her?

In 1975 Sandi Was sentenced to thirty days in jail for passing bad checks and after her time was Up she came Home to Find that her Husband had Disspaeared and her Four Children are nowhere to be seen. She found her two daughters Allison and Amy, in the care of a local church-operated social services group but never found her eldest and youngest children.

Ever Since the Incident, Sandi maintained a low profile and not much is known about her. After coming out of Prison she raised her two daughters privately and they are now Adults.

Is Sandi Chipman Still Alive?

Sandi may be alive and leading a private away from all the limelight and publicity that follows her Third Husband Franklin Floyd. However, this has yet to Come to our attention. We can therefore not confirm if she is Alive or Dead at the Moment.

Sandi Chipman Wikipedia

Sandi is well known as the First Wife of American murderer, rapist and death row inmate Franklin Delano Floyd. She met him in 1974 under the alias Brandon Williams and after a month of dating the Couple got married and decided to move to Dallas Texas.

Chipman was sentenced to thirty days in prison in 1975 for passing bad checks. She left her children in Floyd’s care while she served her sentence. When she was released, she returned home to find the house empty and her husband and children gone. Chipman eventually ended up with her two middle daughters, Allison and Amy, in the care of a local church-run social services organization. Suzanne, her eldest child, and Philip, her youngest, were never found.

The boy’s whereabouts remained unknown until 2019, when a man claimed to be Phillip. DNA tests proved his identity. According to his older sister Allison, Phillip’s mother initially claimed that he was dead. He was later discovered to be alive and well by Social Services.

Sandi Chipman Obituary

A certain Sandi Chipman of Weld died peacefully early Monday morning, surrounded by friends from Pinewood Terrace. Sandi spent six years at Pinewood Terrace after her mind succumbed to early-onset Frontotemporal dementia.

Sandi Chipman, a Penn State graduate, moved to Weld in 1966 with her husband, Don Chipman. Sandi was a stewardess and Don was a Navy Ensign when they met in New York City (at a bar). She had spent her entire life in cities and found rural Maine to be intimidating and unfamiliar territory, but she quickly made friends and became very active in the Weld community to which she remained devoted.

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