Shaun and Christine

Who are Shaun and Christine? 90 Day Fiancé uK Bio-wiki, Age, Birthday, Height, Weight, Education, Parents, Siblings, Wikipedia, Age Difference, Net worth, Instagram Twitter

Who are Shaun and Christine On 90 Day Fiance?


Shaun 90 day Fiance UK Age, Birthday

Shaun is 41 years old as of 2022. He was born in 1981 in Botley, Hampshire. He has not revealed any information concerning his exact birthday, zodiac sign and date of birth.

Christine 90 day Fiance Uk Age, Birthday

She is 42 years old as of 2022. Christine was born in 1980 in Antipolo City, Philippines. She has not revealed any details concerning her exact date of birth, zodiac sign and birthday.

Shaun and Christine’s Age Difference

The couple has an age difference of one year. Christine is one year older than her man. However, this has not stopped them from falling in love.

Shaun and Christine Relationship

The two met via an online dating app and started dating in 2013. They started charting and even video calling and started liking each other. Due to their distances, they have managed to not see each other but communicate. He used to send her money for upkeep and to take care of her three children from her previous relationship.

She also found out that she was pregnant and after nine months gave birth to Christian. Shaun has seen his son thrice and after his first birthday, he has never seen him again. There is hope that he will see her and their child again and maybe become a family.

Shaun and Christine’s Education

Shaun is a very educated and intelligent man. Born and raised in England he attended schools and Institutions in England. He graduated from high school with good grades and received his high school diploma. He may have joined College, and graduated with a degree or Diploma in a certain Field but this has yet to come to our attention. He has not revealed any information regarding his exact level of academic excellence.

Christine on the Other hand was born and raised in Antipolo City, Philippines. She attended schools in the area but has revealed little regarding her academic background and level of academic c excellence.

Shaun 90 Day Fiance Uk nationality, Ethnicity

Shaun holds a British Citizenship and was born and raised in Botley, HampshireEngland therefore his Nationality is English. His Ethnicity is White.

Christine 90 day Fiance Uk Nationality, Ethnicity

Christine was born and raised in the Philippines and she is a Filipino by birth. She is of Malay ethnical descent.

Shaun and Christine’s Parents, Siblings

They were both raised in homes full of love and taught the value of a family. They have not revealed many details about their parents and siblings. However, as the show proceeds, there may be details revealed.

Shaun and Christine’s Height, Weight

Shaun is estimated to be 5 feet 9inches tall while Christine is estimated to be 5 feet 6 inches tall. Their body measurements are not known at the moment.

Shaun and Christine Wikipedia

The couple is set to be on the reality show 90-day fiancé Uk. The show is originally started in the United States. The reality show will have eight couples that have been in a long-distance relationship. The aim is to bring them together and see if the relationship will work.

If things work they will definitely get married if not the couple will go live their own lives. The fans of the show are excited to have a different experience with new couples.

Shaun and Christine 90 day Fiance Uk

Shaun and Christine are part of the Cast of the new reality tv show 90 Day Fiance UK set to premier on discovery+ TV on July 24th 2022. It is a Spinoff of the Popular show 90 Day Fiance. It follows 8 couples and their long-distance relationships for 90 days in order to determine whether or not their relationship is the real deal.

Shaun and Christine Net worth

Shaun and Christine have a combined net worth of $200 k or More.

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