Shekeb Sekander

Who is Shekeb Sekander? I Love a Mama’s Boy Bio-Wiki, Age, Birthday, Wikipedia, First Wife, Net Worth

Shekeb Sekander Biography


Shekeb Sekander Age, Birthday

Shekeb is 33 years old. Born on 24 March 1989 he celebrates his birthday on March 24 each year. His Zodiac Sign is Aries.

Shekeb Sekander First Wife and Marriage

Shekeb was married to a His First Wife for while. Despite details regarding his First marriage not being Publicly available fans of the show will get to know more about the Couple on the Upcoming Tv Show. Reasons why he Divorced his Wife or why he is single are not known by the General Public.

Shekeb Sekander Girlfriend Emily Chu

Shekeb has been in a Romantic Relationship with Emily Chu For a While. The pair both star on TLC’s I Love A Mama’s Boy. However, their relationship isn’t always smooth as Leila constantly meddles in her Sons Relationship. Throughout the series, we see how Emily has a hard time dealing with Leila’s disapproval and the fact that her man doesn’t Stand up for their relationship.

Emily has Given Shekeb a lot of ultimatums throughout the series that have led to him giving her a promise ring before he popped up with the real question. But this isn’t enough as Emily was hoping to get her dream $40,000 engagement ring. Emily Threw the Ring Away because she was Disrespected by his lack of commitment. Just as she was about to make Things Right she Saw Leila wearing the Ring and that’s where trouble in paradise escalated.

Shekeb Sekander Wedding

According to sources Shekeb may have gotten married Once. He may have held a private wedding ceremony but this has yet to come to our attention.

Shekeb Sekander Father, Mother and Siblings

Shekeb is the Son of Wali Ahmad Sekander and his Wife mother Laila Azizi Sekander. He was born in Kabul, Afghanistan but his parents migrated to the United States and settled in Atlanta, Georgia. Growing up Shekeb enjoyed the company of his older brother Mahmmad Ali Sekander. He had a normal Childhood and loved Playing. He has not revealed much about his encounters as a Teenager.

Shekeb Sekander Nationality, Ethnicity and Religion

Shekeb is an Afghan and American National. His ethnicity is a mix of Latino, Hispanic, and Middle Eastern according to sources.

Shekeb Sekander Wikipedia

Shekeb is a reality Tv star well known for starring in I Love a Mama’s Boy. Shekeb his girlfriend and his mother Laila all are returning for the third season of the show. They are joined by three New Mother and Son Pairs.

Shekeb, his girlfriend Emily, and his mother Laila are also back for season 3. Emily says in a teaser for the new episodes (via Twitter) that she forced Shekeb to leave. But Laila refuses to give up her son. Several new mothers and their sons have also joined the cast of I Love a Mama’s Boy for season 3. Ethan has no qualms about praising his “sexy” mother Esther. But his girlfriend finds it a little off-putting. “They act as if they’re dating,” she observes. Meanwhile, Tre and Lorenda are there. He’s almost 30, but his mother doesn’t seem to notice. “Tre is her child,” his girlfriend explains. “She pretty much lives in the backyard.”

Shekeb Sekander Net Worth

Shekeb has an estimated net worth of $400k or more.

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