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Who is Sherri Papini ex Husband David Dreyfus Bio-Wiki, Age, Birthday, Ex-wife, Sherri Papini Pleads Guilty, Education, Parents, Wikipedia, Instagram, Twitter, Net worth

David Dreyfus Biography


David DreyfusDavid Dreyfus Ex-Wife

He was the ex-husband of Sherri Papini. When the two got married is ni known to the public. However, it is known that the two go divorced in 2007. The reason why the two got divorced is not known to the public. It is not known if they got children together during their marriage or even if he is remarried.

David Dreyfus Education

There is no educational background details about him. he has not revealed much about himself to the public.

David Dreyfus Parents

He was born and raised by his parents. However, his parent’s details are not known about his parents. This will be updated when the details are available to the public.

David Dreyfus Height, Weight

He is estimated to be around 5 feet 9 inches tall. (EST)

Sherri Papini Pleads Guilty-Wikipedia

Sherri pledges guilty for faking her own kidnapping. She had vanished while she was taking her runs near her home. Then three weeks later reappears on Thanksgiving.

She used to say that two Hispanic women kidnapped her. It was later concluded that she was actually at her ex-husband’s house and went to the extent to hurt herself with the FBI. She got to be nicknamed “California’s Gone Girl” after a film and novel has a character who does a similar hoax. It was not known why she did that and did not even have any explanations for her actions.

She was in court on Monday and told the judge that she was not feeling well. After she pleaded guilty, the prosecutors agreed to have her a sentence of between 8 to 14 months. She also accepted to pay $300,000.

That is supposed to cover the investigation into the alleged captors and the search that was conducted by the police officers. Since 2016 there have been controversies that have been going around about her. Her husband was the one that reported her missing case after she did not pick up their children from the daycare they were in.

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