Susan Templet

Who is Susan Templet? Burt Templet’s Second Wife Bio-Wiki, Age, Birthday, Wikipedia, Children, Husband, Instagram and Twitter

Who is Susan Templet? Burt Templet’s Second Wife

Susan Templet is the Enstraged wife of Serial Abuser and Kidnapper Burt Templet. Susan and Burt met after he had moved to Baton Rouge, Louisiana together with his son Anthony. They were married for a few years but had filed for a protective order against Burt just a few Months Prior to his Untimely Death.

Here is all you need to know about Burt Templets Second Wife Susan Templets Bio-Wiki, Age, Birthday, Net Worth, Wikipedia, Children, Now, Netflix. Husband, Twitter and Instagram.

Susan Templet Age, Birthday|How Old Is She?

Susan may be in her 40s as of 2022. Born and Raised in the United States of America she has not revealed any information surrounding her exact age, date of birth and Birthday.

Susan Templet Husband, Is She Married?

She was previously Married to Burt Templet but the pair separated in 2019 a few months prior to his death. Susan has since moved but has managed to keep details regarding her Love Life off the Limelight. We can therefore not Confirm if she is Married or Single as of this Writing.

Susan Templet Children

Susan has a Step Son named Anthony. The two were really close and it was Susan who taught Anthony how to read and write despite his father forbidding him not to seek knowledge.

Susan Templet Height, Weight

Susan stands at an estimated height of 5 feet 11 Inches tall. Her weight and other body measurements are currently not available.

Susan Templet NetFlix

Susan is one of the Few people who appear on Netflix’s I Just Killed my Dad. Both Susan and Anthony accuse Burt of Being Violent.

Susan, filed a protective order against him in January 2019, according to WAFB 9. She described some truly terrifying incidents in the filing, with the most recent claiming that Burt threw a radio and a space heater onto the ground in a fit of rage before punching her in the head.

Susan also claimed that Burt punched her in the face and broke one of her teeth a month before. When she went to wash the blood from her face, Burt allegedly threatened her, saying he would “cut her into little pieces.”

Susan Templet Where is She Now?

Susan is currently enjoying a private life away from the public eye. Since she separated from her abusive husband Susan moved on with her life and little is known about her current Whereabouts.

Susan Templet Net Worth

Susan has an estimated net worth of $130K Or More.

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