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Who is Theo Germaine?

Theo Germaine is an American actor well known for Portraying Jordan in the Peacock Original Film They/ Them. He previously portrayed  James Sullivan on the Netflix television series The Politician and appeared on Adam (2019) and Work in Progress (2019).

Here is all you need to know about Theo Germaine Bio-Wiki, Age, Birthday, Partner, Children, Gender, Husband, Is he Married, Nationality, Ethnicity, Pronouns, As a Child, Before, Real Name, Parents, Young, Net Worth, Wikipedia, Instagram, Religion, Nationality and Ethnicity.

Theo Germaine Age, Birthday, How Old is He?

Germain is 34 years old as of 2022. Born in 1988 in the United States of America he has not revealed any information regarding his exact date of birth, birthday and Zodiac Sign.

Theo Germaine Partner, Is He Married?

Theo has been in a relationship with his longtime Partner William Rusan since 2017. William is also an actor best known for appearing on known for Work in Progress (2019). Theo and William met on the set of Work in Progress and their Love Bloomed. They have been together ever since.

Theo Germaine and William Rusan

Theo and Rusan went public in December of 2020 when Rusan shared a Picture of them Being Cosy Together on Instagram. It is believed that Theo may have relocated to LA in order to pursue his budding career as an actor. He however often visits his partner William in Chicago and the Couple spends a lot of time together.

Theo Germaine Gender

Theo is a transgender woman having Transitioned as a teenager. She revealed that more often than not he jokes and tells people that her first memories are The Lion King and gender dysphoria.

She remembers being three years old and being in daycare They were all lying down on their mats and trying to nap, and he remembers not being able to nap because he would always sit there and think about gender.

Theo Germaine Pronouns

Theo is a Non-Binary and he uses they/them pronouns.

Is Theo Germaine Gay?

Yes, Theo is openly Gay and has been in a longtime relationship with fellow actor William Rusan. Theo and William have been openly dating since December 2017.

Theo Germaine Real Name|Birth Name

Theo was born and raised in Murphysboro Illinois. She has however not revealed any information about his early life and before he transitioned. There is no online record of his Birth name or Real Name before he transitioned. We can therefore not confirm what her birth name is.

Theo Germaine Woman, Is She a Woman

Theo is a transgender woman who transitioned as a Young Girl in her teenage years. She had always questioned her gender from as young as Three and shares a few incidents from when she was a kid on various podcasts.

Theo Germaine Wikipedia

Germaine is from Illinois, and they worked at a coffee shop in Chicago before moving to Los Angeles, California for The Politician. Germaine is non-binary and uses the pronouns they/them. Germaine explained on the LGBTQ&A podcast,

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