Who is Vanessa Ideh Adekayo? Youtuber, Bio-Wiki, Age, Birthday, Boyfriend, Wikipedia, Twitter

Vanessa Ideh Adekayo Biography


Here is all you need to know about Vanessa Ideh Adekayo’s Bio, Age, Birthday, Diet, Family, Girlfriends, Family, Parents, Siblings, Net Worth, Workout, Merch, Wikipedia, and Instagram.

Vanessa Ideh Adekayo Age, Birthday

Ideh Adekayo is believed to be around 28 years old as of 2022. She has nevertheless not revealed any information in regards to her exact age, date of birth, birthday, and Zodiac Sign.

Vanessa Ideh Adekayo Boyfriend

Adekayo has, nonetheless, remained tight-lipped on any information regarding her romantic life. It is not known if she has a Boyfriend, is in a relationship, is Married, or even Whom she has dated in the Past. In case of any developments in the Romantic aspect of the YVanessa’s Life, we will be sure to update You.

Vanessa Ideh Adekayo Education

Ideh Adekayo is a very educated lady. She graduated from high school a few years ago. Then she proceeded and enrolled at a private university in her hometown where she completed her graduation.

Vanessa Ideh Adekayo Parents, Siblings

Ideh Adekayo was born and raised in the United States of America. As a young lady on an African-American homestead, Vanessa looked up to her hardworking father and adored her loving Mother. She has disclosed very little information in regards to her parents, siblings, and Family.

It is therefore not known if Vanessa has any siblings or not.


Vanessa Ideh Adekayo Height and Weight

Ideh Adekayo stands at an estimated height of 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs around 56 kg.

Vanessa Facts and Body Measurements

HEIGHT 5 feet 6 inches tall(EST)
WEIGHT 56 kgs (EST)
HAIR Black
EYES Black

Vanessa Ideh Adekayo Wikipedia

Ideh Adekayo was born and raised in the United States by her loving parents. She is a Certified Financial Education Instructor and member of the Personal Finance Speaker’s Association who quit her prestigious job to build an online platform dedicated to educating women that provides resources and essential tools needed to thrive in the digital economy. She earns five figures a month making videos about building wealth.

Vanessa was passionate about digital media, technology, and the roles that they perform in the financial well-being of organizations and individuals.

Through this program, she gained skills in development, program design, and measurement. She leverages her abilities through her YouTube channel (which has 50k+ subscribers) and her society(which has 6k+ members).

Her background in Finance and Accounting has provided her with the technical know-how necessary to positively impact her clients, students, and professional network.

Vanessa Ideh Adekayo Net Worth

Ideh Adekayo has an estimated net worth of more than $ 250 k. Her career as a YouTuber is Vanessa’s primary source of revenue.

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