Veronica Compton

Who is Veronica Compton? Is She Still Alive? Bio-Wiki, Age, Birthday, Net Worth, Parents, Siblings, Wikipedia, Hillside Stranglers, Today

Who is Veronica Compton? What Happened to Her?


Veronica Compton Age, Birthday

Veronica Wallace is 66 years old as of 2022. Born in 1956, in the United States of America, She has not revealed any information regarding her exact birthday, date of birth and Zodiac Sign.

Veronica Compton Husband, Is She Married?

Veronica Wallace was happily Married to her husband James Wallace, a Professor at Eastern Washington University for 7 years. However, after being together for nearly a decade the pair decided to call it quits and Divorced. The reason behind their Divorce is however not known.

Veronica Compton Children

Veronica Wallace does not have any kids that we know of as of this writing. She was once married to professor James Wallace and the couple did not have any kids together.

Veronica Compton’s Parents, Siblings

Veronica was born and raised by her loving parents in the United States of America. Her mother and father were very dedicated parents but little is known about them. Her parents were both from the United States and they have chosen to maintain a low profile.

Veronica Compton Height, Weight

Compton stands at an estimated height of 5 feet 7 Inches tall and her weight is unavailable.

Is Veronica Compton Still Alive?

Yes, Compton is still alive and is serving a life sentence in the Washington Correctional Center for Women for attempted murder.

Where is Veronica Compton Today?| Where is she Now?

Veronica Wallace is currently serving a life sentence at the Washington Correctional Center for Women. As of Today, she is still very healthy and there have been no reported incidents of her being involved n any fights or trying to break out.

Veronica Compton Wikipedia

Compton was an aspiring actress and playwright who had a drug-induced psychosis and was obsessed with serial killers. She wrote a screenplay called The Mutilated Cutter about a female serial killer and sent it to Kenneth Bianchi, one of the two killers known collectively as The Hillside Strangler, hoping to get his feedback.

Compton fell in love with Bianchi after the two began to talk and eventually discuss their murderous fantasies, which were similar in nature. Bianchi took advantage of the situation, hoping to persuade authorities that the real Hillside Strangler was still at large.

He invited Compton to visit him in prison, and he smuggled her a plastic glove containing a sample of his sperm, instructing her to imitate a Hillside Strangler murderer and implant the sperm in the victim. Compton complied and travelled to Bellingham, Washington, with the semen in his possession.

Veronica Compton Net Worth

Veronica has an estimated net worth of $10k as of 2022.

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