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Who is Warren Jeffs Wife? Preaching Evil: Vicki Thompson Bio, Age, Parents, Birthday, Children, Wikipedia, Instagram

Vicki Thompson Biography

Vicki Thompson is well known as one of the Wives of Warren Jeffs a convicted Sex offender and Cult Leader Warren Jeffs. He is the Focus of the new Docu-Series Preaching Evil: A Wife on the Run With Warren Jeffs that premiers in April on Peacock.

Here is all you need to know about Warren Jeffs Vicki Thompson Bio-WIki, Age, Height, Family, Parents, Husband Now, Net Worth, Preaching Evil: A Wife on the Run With Warren Jeffs, and Instagram.

Vicki Thompson Age, Birthday

Thompson has not gone public with any information regarding her exact age, date of birth, Birthday, and Zodiac sign.

Vicki Thompson and Warren Jeffs

Vicki was married to Warren Jeffs as one of his many Wives. They had two children together namely Wendell Jeffson and Sarah Jeffs.

Vicki Thompson Education

Prior to her appearing on Preaching Evil: A Wife on the Run With Warren Jeffs little was known about her. There is little information available about her Educational background.

Vicki Thompson Preaching Evil: A Wife on the Run With Warren Jeffs

Vicki and her two children appear on Preaching Evil.  The family of three recall living with and following warrens. Her sons claimed they were brainwashed. In an interview with Fox News,  her son claims that even as a child he constantly questioned his faith,

“I grew up thinking we were building a haven where we would be the only ones left, and everyone else would be wiped off from the face of the Earth,””We were taught very strongly that Black people were very evil. I remember, at a young age, I had to go off the compound and go to the hospital, which most people didn’t have an opportunity to do. And we were treated extremely well by different people, including some Black people.

The Docuseries reveals pictures of Vicki and her then-husband Warren.

Her husband was on the FBI’s Top 10 Most Wanted List in 2006 and was arrested during a routine traffic stop near Las Vegas. He was immediately booked two out-of-state warrants issued in Arizona and Utah on a number of Charges.

A while back the San Angelo domestic abuse hotline received a call from a lady who claimed to be a 16-year-old girl living at the Zion Ranch identifying herself as Sarah. When law enforcement stormed the ranch they realized the call was actually a hoax from a 33-year-old lad living in Colorado springs.

Vicki was separated from her Son for around 6 weeks. He promised his mother to look after his little sister. Her son described the 6 weeks as the longest in his life and the two lived in a state shelter. They would later be reunited.

Vicki Thompson Net Worth

Her net worth is estimated at $50k.

Social Media

Vicki does not have any active Instagram, Twitter or Facebook accounts.

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