Vivek Deora

Who is Vivek Deora? Bio-Wiki, Age, Birthday, Net Worth, Wikipedia, Weight Loss

Who is Maneet Chauhan’s husband? Vivek Deora


Vivek Deora Age, Birthday

Dora is 46 years old. Born in 1976 the American millionaire has not shared information surrounding his exact date of birth, birthday and Zodiac Sign.

Vivek Deora and Maneet Chauhan

Maneet Chauhan and her husband Deora met at college in Manipal and instantly they hit it off. They dated for a couple of years before finally getting married in a traditional Indian wedding ceremony. They have been married for over 14 years. The couple endured a lengthy long-distance relationship when Chauhan couldn’t travel out of the county a few years ago.

Vivek Deora Children

Maneet Chauhan and her husband have two children together, a daughter named Shagun, 10 and a  son named Karma who is 6 years old. Vivek and his children are his wife’s biggest fans and cheered her on during the “Tournament Of Champions” competition.

Vivek Deora Education

Deora is a very educated and intelligent man. He attended Manipal University where he met his now-wife. He was at the institution for not less than 4 years. He holds a degree or Diploma in a certain field that has yet to come to our attention. He graduated from high school with good grades. Further information surrounding his academic excellence is still subject to speculation.

Vivek Deora Parents, Siblings

Deora was born and maybe raised inIndia. His parents are of Indian Origin and Descent and they worked tirelessly to ensure he had a bright future and joined college. Growing up he had a normal childhood and enjoyed the joys of childhood. He has however shared little about his parents and siblings.

Vivek Deora Nationality and Ethnicity

He is an Indian national and his ethnicity is also Indian.

Vivek Deora Height

Deora stands at an estimated height of 5 feet 11 inches tall.

Vivek Deora Occupation and Restauarant

Deora is an Indian Entrepreneur and, Chief Executive Officer, Morph Hospitality and Board Member, and Hop Springs Beer Park & Life is . He loves his job and his wife is his business partner.

Vivek Deora Weight Loss

Fans noted that Vivek and his wife had lost some weight. His wife in particular was able to lose 40 lbs or 18.14 kg. She achieved this by doing a simple calculation and started logging her calorie intake. She began indulging in a healthy lifestyle, that included walking and avoiding mindless eating.

She even went on ahead and educated herself about diet and nutrition and this worked out. She even used an online food diary, MyFitnessPal, the same app YouTuber Behzinga in order to calculate her calorie intake. She also walked at least 10,000 steps a day. She also Drank apple cider vinegar with hot water.

Vivek Deora Wikipedia

Deora and his Wife are business partners. He is a millionaire who was propelled into fame by his wife’s level of fame. His wife grew up in Ranchi and Deora in Jaipur and both and exposed to different types of foods growing up. In an interview they both emphasize that “every single dish on their menu has a story

Vivek Deora Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of $3 Million as of 2022.

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